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shall i take ds to the doc or is it a no no

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cheeryface Fri 18-Sep-09 11:06:51

ds went to bed absolutely fine and then woke with a high temperature a dry cough and a very bad headache.
he is feeling really horrible today and shivery / hot flushes, feeling sick.
what should i do with him?
could it be swine flu?
help please!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Fri 18-Sep-09 11:14:36

Ring your GP surgery and tell them exactly what you've told us.

See what they say.

AtheneNoctua Fri 18-Sep-09 11:21:54

Go to the NHS website and punch ion the checklist to see if you can get anti-viral and then start him on them as soon as possible. Showing up at the GP is unlikely to be well received. Our GP Surgery had a big sign on the door asking people not to enter if they think they have swine flu.

pofacedandproud Fri 18-Sep-09 12:21:02

They will probably assume it is SF. They will probably not want him at the surgery. You can get Tamiflu if you want it from the SF website. Hope he feels better soon.

meltedmarsbars Fri 18-Sep-09 12:24:54

Dose him up with paracetamol to reduce temperature, keep hydrated and follow NHS swine flu line directions!!

Whatever you do please don't take him in to the surgery, as people like my dd2 with underlying health conditions are trying to avoid sf!

cheeryface Fri 18-Sep-09 12:35:59

i am worried about my other son if it is sw as he has asthma, immune deficiency and epilepsy
i am also ill myself and as yet not been able to find out whats wrong, been struggling for 12 months now aaaaaaaaaargh

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 18-Sep-09 12:54:54

phone your gp and ask for a telephone consult, because of your other son I'm sure they will be happy to talk to you.

whattheheckdoIdonow Fri 18-Sep-09 12:58:38

You can't assume it is swine flu ~ this can be dangerous as it could be tonsillitis,glandular fever etc.

Our surgery still sees all patients with fever.

echofalls Fri 18-Sep-09 13:02:18

our surgery has big notices on the door saying if you have any symptoms do not enter surgery, they advise to call the surgery or NHS 24. Hope hes feeling better soon.

onepieceoflollipop Fri 18-Sep-09 13:03:00

cheeryface just to reassure you. My 5 year old had suspected swine flu last week and had the antivirals. She shares a room with her sister aged 2. They still played together but we banned kissing (except on foreheads) and dd1 was very good re handwashing, sneezing into tissues etc. So far (fingers crossed) we all seem fine.

There are clear guidelines/questions on the swines flu line to check that someone isn't suffering from anything really dangerous.

Fair point whattheheck but tonsillitis for example isn't generally dangerous and if someone was being treated for swine flu but a day or two later the tonsils/throat seemed to be the major issue then the op would still be better to ask the surgery for a telephone consultation initially.

Your surgery is quite unusual I think in that they are still seeing everyone with fever. (rightly or wrongly)

meltedmarsbars Fri 18-Sep-09 13:06:39

Cheeryface - you are the sort of person the GP does want to hear from, even if its a telephone consultation. Take his temp before you call, they'll ask for that.

whattheheckdoIdonow Fri 18-Sep-09 13:23:01

well I didn't mention the dangerous things but there have been some problems encountered with bacterial infections being missed due to assumptions about it being swine flu and also the with helpline~in general,when patients aren't seen,especially children,mis diagnoses can occur.

whattheheckdoIdonow Fri 18-Sep-09 13:24:31

and tonsillitis ,if bacterial and left can become quinsy,for example.

cheeryface Fri 18-Sep-09 16:52:46

the paracetamol doesnt seem to be doing much good. he isnt aching but has a sore shoulder at the back. im thinking its probably something other than swine flu.
how can they really say over the phone?

whattheheckdoIdonow Fri 18-Sep-09 18:25:30

cheeryface~what is his temp,does he have a sore throat or rash or earache and sorry if I missed this but how old is he?

cheeryface Fri 18-Sep-09 19:26:33

i decided to go in to see the doc in the end as i thought it was more likely something else and i got the last appointment meaning the place would be empty!
he said it was a virus and probably not swine flu, but if it is swine flu it will be gone in a few days anyway.
have been given ibuprofen to give with the paracetamol.

whattheheckdoIdonow Fri 18-Sep-09 22:02:33

that's good hope he feels better tomorrow.

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