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Can someone who's had SF help me out here - doc "not ruling out SF" in DS and now concerned as I'm pg

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Weegle Wed 16-Sep-09 14:42:50

Took DS (3) to doctor this morning not even thinking of swine flu. He had a temp of touching 40C on Sunday, then Mon and Tues raised temp (about 38-38.5 but controlled by calpol). Today it's just a touch above normal but he's completely doped up on calpol/calprofen. He's definitely got croup and in so much pain with a sore throat I thought it was tonsilitis - but doc says although his throat is very inflamed she says not tonsilitis and by looking at him she's saying she's "not ruling out swine flu" but because of his age it's very difficult to accurately diagnose. He doesn't seem THAT ill (yes, he is clearly ill and struggling to breathe with the croupy cough at night) but is happy doing crafty things, playing etc, until he starts coughing or his throat really gets to him. He's only started sneezing today. And we haven't knowingly been in contact with anyone with SF.

But it's me I'm a bit worried about blush IF DS has got SF. I'm in a high risk group anyway because of other health problems, but I'm also 22 weeks pregnant with twins. I feel a bit 'tingly' and achy like I would do if I was getting a cold... but now wondering, if it could be the start of SF am I not supposed to start on Relenza ASAP? But how do I know if what DS has is SF and not just some nasty virus? As obviously don't want to take anything unnecessarily... and I didn't think about all this whilst still at the doctor to ask...

So does anyone who's actually had swine flu think what DS has could be?

Elibean Wed 16-Sep-09 19:51:42

I haven't had it, but friends' kids have and tbh it could be. It could equally be any other throaty/coldy virus, but without swabbing its impossible to tell for sure.

Why not call your GP tomorrow morning, and talk to her over the phone? Ask her opinion/advice?

Weegle Wed 16-Sep-09 20:36:12

thanks for replying!

That's the thing, there doesn't seem to be anything specific about swine flu which marks it out as different from any other nasty virus, and so I don't really understand why they're not swabbing. DS clearly going in to another bad night though, so I'm inclined to think this is more than an average bug, poor mite sad

I actually have an obstetrician appt first thing in the morning (coincidence, as high risk pregnancy) so I guess I could ask him.

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