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Nursery today.

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bell76 Tue 18-Aug-09 07:46:27

Hi All,

My four year old daughter returns to the school nursery today, the shool also starts the new term today - we are in Scotland.

I have been thinking about keeping her home until later in the year, there is just so much conflicting advice about. On one hand we have articles in the Lancet suggesting that the Government should extend the holidays to avoid the spread, and then we have the Government saying not at this point.

I'm just so confused, my 4 year old is not "at risk" but she takes forever to rrecover from ordinary colds and believe me she gets plenty of those at nursery. My husband has a weakened immune system as a result of a road accident - (splenectomy) - so what to do?

It's her last year of nursery before school and i know this is an important time for her. Why can't the Government give parents clear advice?

Any ideas? Am i bad mum for considering taking her out of nursery?

3cutedarlings Tue 18-Aug-09 08:09:26

Id send her, any of you could catch it wherever you are imo. Im one of few people thats not listened to much of the media hype, but from what i can gather its possibly better to catch this stain of the virus than the next one in winter. Thing is where would you draw the line? so you dont send her now an wait a few months, but SF is going to go around for a good time yet.

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