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Sorry to be another fusspot but haven't got a thermometer...

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clutteredup Mon 10-Aug-09 08:33:56

I'm sure she is perfectly normally poorly but DD2 2.5yo has vommed twice this morning and has a temperature - don't know how high but she's hot - she was off food yeaterday poss sore throat as dribbled a lot and has had runny nose for a few days, probably just a cold.
Thing is that if there wasn't a swine flu pandemic I'd just be giving her water and calpol and keep her in bed and not be worrying.
If it is swine flu does she really need tamiflu ,or can i just do what I'd normally do and will she be alright?

snickersnack Mon 10-Aug-09 08:51:23

I can't help but bumping for you as am in the same position. Though we're prob too late for Tamiflu.

clutteredup Mon 10-Aug-09 08:58:00

thanks snicker - the thing is that isn't it just another strain of petty ordinary flu - i'm fine dosing her up with calpol - a challenge at the best of times as she doesn't like it and tries to spit it out - but not thrilled at the prospect of giving her strong pills. I've heard they have unpleasant effects.

snickersnack Mon 10-Aug-09 09:05:43

I agree. Have just done the online assessment and they say collect Tamiflu but I'm on my own so can't take him to pharmacy and he isn't so sick I'm worried about him at the moment. My BIL is a GP and if the view that Tamiflu isn't usually necessary and has nasty side effects. Though haven't asked him about Tamiflu in children, so don't know if he'd think differently

clutteredup Mon 10-Aug-09 09:12:04

Thanks snicker its good to know there's someone doing the same or rather not doing the same as me - I rarely take my Dc to the doctor and they're generally a healthy bunch but sometimes I worry I don't worry enough but I really hate them having too many drugs as DS had loads of antibiotics when small - and i just feel they will be stronger for fighting germs on their own but as i said I worry sometimes I'm being a little uncaring .

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