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dd has symptoms but its mild. is this right?

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pickyvic Sun 09-Aug-09 21:13:47

my dd (aged 12) has had a flu like virus for the last couple of days. i phoned out of hours gp and they directed me to the pandemic web site - did the questions and its given her a prescription number to collect the tamiflu.
but im a little sceptical - she does have the high temp and looks listless and "off it" - really ashen faced and off her food but little else other than a general all over aching - is this it do you think? i was expecting much worse really - am still thinking it could be any old virus that she picked up from the swimming baths last week, she often seems to get ill after swimming. what do other mn'ers think? should i just give the tamiflu anyway?
ta x

pickyvic Sun 09-Aug-09 22:33:14


Goober Sun 09-Aug-09 22:36:38

My 13 yr old DD was just the same.
Mostly she had baaaad headaches and a nasty back ache.
It comes and goes, so tricked me into thinking she was on the mend then would be groaning with her head all over again.
She didn't want to take tamiflu, so didn't. Hers lasted about 9 days.

pickyvic Sun 09-Aug-09 23:04:10

thanks for that goober. the blokey at the hospital (we went for the tamiflu and got told to come back tomorrow as it was locked up for the day!)said anyone with the virus is supposed to be isolated, but how the heck am i supposed to isoltate a child!? she is still mixing with us and us her, if we get it we get it, she seems a bit better tonight and her temp has come down a bit with a wet flannel and a fan on her. both me and DH have sorted out our working shifts to make sure someone is here all day and he will go and get the tamiflu in the morning. ill see how she is then i guess.

Gotte Mon 10-Aug-09 08:58:01

It's difficult to say if it is the SW or not. Could be a similar virus to my 3yr old daughter's who has had a temp (controlable) for a week, which is unlike her, a cough and off her food. I've had a bad cold, some aches, cough, but was it SW? who knows?
It is almost impossible to isolate them. You could just go with it and see who gets it, fuguing it will be no worse than a cold, or, if you are worried, ramp up the use of handgel and Miltons on doorhandles etc.

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