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Would you do some vountary work where there is swine flu?

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sb9 Sun 09-Aug-09 13:30:34

Hi, I am supposed to be starting at a hospital but have a baby so am unsure whether its safe to do so. I know there are cases there and really dont want to bring it home...

nellie12 Sun 09-Aug-09 13:35:13

if you dont want to be in contact with infectious diseases dont work at a hospital. Having said that I would be surprised as a volunteer if you had close patient contact with someone who is infectious swine flu or otherwise. (There is a lot worse than swine flu - perhaps you need to think this through more?)

sb9 Sun 09-Aug-09 14:06:05

I think i do, didn really think about it but yes now i am maybe its not right for me at the moment as just dont want to bring anything home to my baby.

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