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How can I be sick again

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sarah293 Fri 07-Aug-09 18:04:51

Message withdrawn

Gotte Fri 07-Aug-09 18:09:22

How long ago. I had normal flu about three years ago, and I remember that kept coming and going for about a month.

MummyDragon Fri 07-Aug-09 18:10:46

Poor you, hope you feel better soon smile

This does prove that the Daily Mail etc are really hyping up this swine flu thingo though, doesn't it? - how many people are being told that they have swine flu when they either have a cold, seasonal flu or other virus with similar symptoms?

Did you take Tamiflu last time?

sarah293 Fri 07-Aug-09 18:46:15

Message withdrawn

PeachyLaPeche Fri 07-Aug-09 18:49:31

My boys have had it in dribs and drabs like that too Riv, poor ds4 ewas in a right old mess last night screaming.

GP says it's as much post viral reaction from the immune system and being very run down indeed

Celery Fri 07-Aug-09 18:52:21

Flu can knock you back for months sometimes. Your immune system's taken a battering and people can suffer post-virally for a long time afterwards. You need to concentrate on boosting your immune system long term.

In my experience that's the evil thing about flu, not the initial bout of it, but the fact that it can crap up your system and make you run down and more likely to catch every other virus going round for a long time afterwards.

yummymummy310 Fri 07-Aug-09 19:38:57

yeah celery that's what I've found with our flu, we all wiped out especially me, bit depressing but getting better each week as a family!

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