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bother to get antiviral meds?

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nybom Fri 07-Aug-09 09:24:52

yesterday DH said he was feeling ill - achin all over, temp of 39+ and a sore throat, that's all. i went through the symptom checker thing in the internet and as DH has the mimimum of 2 symptoms on the list (besides the temp), we were "advised" to collect some anti-viral meds.

now, my qyestions:

- i don't understand what suggests that he might have swine flu, after all, just because there is SW there still will be all the other flus and colds around. where's the difference? so is everyone with
flu symptoms be told to take antiviral meds?
- so we were wondering not to get them because apparently they only ease symptoms anyway... and DH is coping okay
- if we decide not to get them will anybody know (we had to enter address and all and got a number for the collection at the end)?


MitchyInge Fri 07-Aug-09 09:26:11

haha, if you don't get the tamiflu MI5 will be knocking on your door . . . seriously, hope your husband feels better soon

DottyDot Fri 07-Aug-09 12:18:46

ooh - I've just done this and didn't realise it would give me a code at the end of it all.

I've got a raised temperature, cough, sore throat and runny nose, but I was just going through the on-line thingy to see if it gave details on the temperature - mine's about 38.5 at the moment.

It didn't, but it gave me a blimmin code that's now presumably allocated against my name.

I've saved the page in 'favourites' but don't feel poorly enough for it to be swine flu - don't know what to do... blush

What if I'm really poorly later and can't get Tamiflu 'cos they think I've already done it?


DottyDot Fri 07-Aug-09 12:19:56

Also, I haven't got time to have swine flu, frankly. Am on 2 weeks annual leave and we're supposed to be going to Eureka, and I'm taking the boys to Windermere and we're going to see the Wizard of Oz and going to play snowballing at the Chill Factor...

<faints at the thought of it all>


Dumbledoresgirl Fri 07-Aug-09 12:27:42

No, you don't have to take the anti-virals and presumably they will know you did not have the drugs as presumably some check against your name will not be made at the pharmacy giving out the drugs.

If you are coping ok without (or dh is) then I cannot see any reason why anyone would bother getting the antivirals, especially given the fact that they have known side effects. Dh and I have already made the decision that if swine flu comes to us, we won't have the antivirals, except possibly for ds2 who is vlunerable as he has asthma.

Thanks for the tip about not looking up the symptoms on the internet if you don't want to be issued a code for the antivirals, too. The whole business of checking your symptoms online is rather pointless imo - they are both obvious and at the same time totally inconclusive as you so rightly said - there are more viruses out there than swine flu!

pofacedandproud Fri 07-Aug-09 12:31:56

the online checker is a total waste of time. Basically, if you have a temperature and a cough and snotty nose they will issue you with tamiflu. We were all issued with tamiflu and then I got a private swab done and tested negative.

yummymummy310 Fri 07-Aug-09 18:11:42

it's daft that every cold and virus will be diagnosed as SF on the online thing. However can understand why they want to get the tamiflu into possible cases as my eldest girl had very mild early symptoms and then suddenly couldn't breathe was all very scary. Tamiflu stops more serious complications developing like pneumonia, I myself was really poorly with SF and had a secondary infection with the SF. The tamiflu stops the virus multiplying so theoretically it should help stop others in the house getting it and the virus spreading - that's why tamiflu is being given out like sweets to stop the spread which effects the economy in my sceptical opinion!

So it's a judgement call on whether you think it is SF and if you're prepared to presume he'll be lucky as most are and be fine getting over it on his own. My eldest really struggled when it suddenly attacked her breathing and would certainly think asthmatics should be thinking carefully about being extra cautious as my eldest doesn't have asthma but had what presented itself like an accute asthma attack but was a flu induced wheeze.x

nybom Fri 07-Aug-09 20:13:12

as DH luckily doesn't have any other conditions or health risks i think we won't get the meds right now... it's probably just a cold.

his condition is still the same - temp, sore throat and overall aching body...

i'd really like to know how many % of all illnesses with flulike symptoms at the moment are actually SW.

how ON EARTH do they calculate the total numbers i wonder if people are "diagnosed" (or not) via this crappy online questionaire???

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