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Short and nasty or long drawn out with coming and going symptoms

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EyeballsintheSky Thu 06-Aug-09 14:18:03

My mother has been off colour for about 6 weeks. She has a lot of the symptoms but they come and go. Sometimes she feels awful, others almost fine. I filled out the questionnaire with her and it told her she had flu complications and to see her GP but we're not convinced because it's been so long drawn out and not constant.

Any ideas or similar experiences?


yummymummy310 Thu 06-Aug-09 16:41:15

I've had SF for over 2 weeks started really really poorly hot, achey, painful joints, muscle spasms, headache, upset stomach, temperature, cough, sore throat etc. Now I still feel weak and achey but the hotness etc comes and goes and am much better than I was. I did have a secondary infection diagnosed 4 days in to flu.

My eldest had it and had quite severe breathing difficulties but recovered more quickly than me. As this flu strain is similar to the last pandemic I've heard that older people aren't as badly affected. My Mum who's 53 wasn't anywhere near as poorly as me with it.

I don't really rate the online thing I know it has to exist to avoid masses of people going to see their GP and potentially spreading SF but the symptoms they ask for are common of numerous other conditions some less serious some more so, so would encourage her to contact her GP if I was you x

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