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Pregnant with Swine Flu?

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ellah Wed 05-Aug-09 14:46:40

This is the first time I done this so appologies if I've gone about it all wrong.

My nephew has come down with Swine Flu and and we were with him all weekend, my daughter is 2 and today has a runny nose and seems to be about to come down with something, she is on Tamiflu (I've been prescribed Relenza but I've been advised not to take unless I start to display symptoms)

Is there anyone out there you has had SF and is pregnant and taken Relenza?

Aniyan Wed 05-Aug-09 15:09:48

I got flu on the same day I found out I was pregnant. Not great, as this is my 3rd pregnancy in just over a year (mmc followed by a molar pregnancy).

I was presecribed Relenza and took it - no side effects and I felt better within 48 hours - don't know if that was the drugs or not.

Obviously I'm concerned about possible effects on baby (assuming there really is a baby - paranoia has taken over a bit!) - but I'm having an early scan next week so hopefully will find out then if all is okay.

Can't offer much advice I'm afraid, just wanted to let you know you're not alone!

All the best.

Naetha Thu 06-Aug-09 07:48:24

Hi there, I'm 24 weeks pregnant, and had swine flu for the past week.

Was prescribed Relenza last Thursday, and now finished the course. First three days were pretty crappy (temp, cough, fever, aches, runny nose lethargy), then I gradually started getting better.

I'm now much better, although still got lots of crap on my lungs to clear, and my nose is still blocked.

Gremlin has been fine - wriggly as normal.

DH and DS were also ill, although they didn't have temperatures, and milder symptoms. Still pretty sure they had swine flu (what are the chances of them coming down with a bad cold at exactly the same time??). I guess that I just took it worse because my immune system is shot to pieces


ellah Thu 06-Aug-09 21:31:09

Thank you for your messages.

I think my DH is coming down with something now, seems mild(fingers crossed) and is running around like a mad thing and eating normally although she has been on Tamiflu since Monday.

I have a slightly high temp and sore throat so have started taking Relenza. Bob (bump) seems to be moving around as normal.

Musukebba Thu 06-Aug-09 21:56:01

Your DH is now a 'she' and running around like a mad thing... shock grin
This swine flu must have worse effects than we thought! wink

Good decision to take the Relenza early. It's better as prophylaxis actually if the infection is within the family.

ellah Thu 06-Aug-09 22:10:27

sorry not sure what all these abbreviations mean? def daughter not husband!

she might just have a cold although, it's seems a bit of a coincidence that her cousin who she was playing, bathing and eating with has had it (well at least they think he has and they live in East Dulwich)

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