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Don't think it is swine flu ... but not sure because 2 year old DD can't tell me if she has aches, sore throat, etc.

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TheWorstWitch Wed 05-Aug-09 14:23:48

DD had sudden onset of fever yesterday which was tempered by calpol. No cough, no runny nose. But she ate next to nothing and slept a while, was okay sometimes when she seemed to have spurts of energy.

This morning, she woke bright as a button but with a temperature of 38.1
Gave her calpol. No appetite. But slept not before her usual time in the afternoon.
Had a slight runny nose which has now gone away.

So, went on the Swine Flu website and filled out the questionnaire as best I could, just to check. problem is, how would I know if she had a headache, was suffering from aches and pains, etc.?
All I know for sure is that DD has a temperature, has no appetite and is tired.

I;m just slightly anxious because I read on the nhs website that children under 5 should be given tamiflu. Then another website says that we should only phone doctor if she is under 1. Would phone NHS direct, but they would ask same questions that I can't answer for sure.

Can't think straight now sad

lizziemun Wed 05-Aug-09 15:50:32

It sounds like what my children have had. It seem to last about 2 days with a temp then a couple of snotty days.

I think if it was swine flu then she would notr want to move if she was achy if that makes sense.

I wouldn't rush to get tamiflu if you not sure, because i think if you have given it then you can't give again if she should get flu and i think they said if they do do a mass vac for swine flu you can't have it if you have had tamiflu.

wasabipeanut Wed 05-Aug-09 15:54:40

My son had something similar last week - prompting me to post here. He wasn't himself at all, had a temp and a really nasty cough to boot. It wasn't SF according to doc and DS is right as rain now - just one of those shite viruses you get. The clue in our case was that as soon as Calpol kicked in he cheered up noticeably.

I now have it and it sucks. I am on day 2 and hoping it clears up bloody fast as I am completely miserable.

mhmummy Wed 05-Aug-09 15:55:07

I'm in a similar boat worstwitch, and the doctor now thinks he may have a chest infection. No snotty nose though, just the temperature and a bad cough.
No idea what yours is - just make sure you get her checked out if the temperature doesn't disappear because it may not be flu.

TheWorstWitch Wed 05-Aug-09 19:39:58

Thanks everyone.
My gut instinct is that it's not Swine Flu as the calpol seems to do the trick in bringing the temperature down and there is no coughing or wheezing, just an occasional runny nose (as in, I've had to wipe her nose 3 times today).

Did a search for your post last week, Wasabipeanut and I found it useful. Especially the comment one mumsnetter made about treating it she would have done 6mths ago before the swine flu outbreak.

Thanks again all smile

TheWorstWitch Sun 09-Aug-09 19:45:30

Ended up phoning NHS Direct the other night as worried about DD's temperature and they didn't think it was swine flu.

She's fine now, after a couple of snotty nose days once fever had died down. So, seems to be the same as what lizziemun's DC's have had.

Must be something going round, but so difficult not to panic when there's all this worry about swine flu.

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