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Do I stay away from work? Stuffy office with +/- 200 staff builing been infected with swine flu.

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Bloempje Mon 03-Aug-09 14:41:10

I wonder whether to go to work or stay away. My employer is un clear about the swine flu and just sent a message saying that the building has been infected. It is a very stuffy office and with the aircon system it has I have noticed that every year in the flu season the flu spreads very easily. Am I overreacting or what hmm. I am now 30 wks pregnant. I am also more worried because I have astmha and have aenemia, and sugar is sometimes high. So at the same time I am on iron, folic acid and need to test my blood for sugar 3x a day. So u see my immune system is not as good as it used to be.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 03-Aug-09 14:42:49

How on earth can a building be infected with swine flu???

yummymummy310 Mon 03-Aug-09 16:48:51

hard to say, probably just them panicing as they've a few suspected cases and as they are generally not swabbing to check it may not even be swine flu. Having said that we had swine flu here and was horrid for me and my eldest (who has never had asthma but suffered bad breathing problems), so if they are giving you the option to stay home paid while they investigate with your pre-existing conditions and being pregnant I would do if I were you, though hopefully it will all blow over and be a storm in a tea cup x

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