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Don't suppose it was but...

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norfolklass Mon 03-Aug-09 08:30:30

Im sorry its another one of those is it or isn't it threads!

My DS (4.6) suddenly spiked a high temperature on friday lunchtime 38.7 which is very unusual for fact its only the 3rd time Ive ever used our thermometer! He said his legs and arms really ached,didn't want anything to eat and was just shattered and laid on the sofa (most unlike him lol!). Gave him calpol and temp went down. Had a fairly restless night with him saying he was hot and achy etc but gave some more calpol and he settled down.

Woke up saturday morning and was still very hot and achy but no other symptoms so just treated the fever. By saturday night he was as right as rain although still rather tired.

Have just found out that his best friend at nursery has just come down with SF and is very poorly...he was with her on thursday. Had a look at the SF symptoms list...and it said if you have temperature together with 2 other symptoms which included aches and loss of appetite they would treat as SF. I honestly didn't even think for one minute it could have been that because he had absolutely no cold symptoms at all but now Im not so sure?

He's absolutely fine now and we went out all day yesterday with some friends cause I just thought it was a virus.

Nothing I can do now one way or the other but I just wondered what others thought? Surely it can't be SF that mild? I had a really bad headache last week for 3 days as well and felt a bit rough but certainly not like I had flu!

BrigitBigKnickers Mon 03-Aug-09 09:31:26

Swine Flu seems to affect different people in different ways but most report that it is not as bad as rgular flu

DD and DH had it a few weeks ago and it was nothing more than a bad cold. Both of them had 90% of the symptoms and DD had Tami flu. Both of them recovered after three days.

alardi Mon 03-Aug-09 09:34:26

A virus producing symptoms like OP describes swept thru DC and thru their schoolmates back in May-June. We know loads of people who've had it (we are in Norfolk also). I never thought it was SF, particularly. DS1 had it on/off for 4 days.

Dophus Mon 03-Aug-09 09:39:44

My DS had same symtpooms about a month ago. High fever for 3 days - lethargy for about a week. No obvious nasal or respirtory symtoms,. GP didn't diagnose swine flu (but this before it really kicked off).

I'm kind of hoping it was but don't think so!

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