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is it...?

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mrsmerryweather Sat 01-Aug-09 22:34:38

my 22 yr old DS living at home thinks he has it. he has a temp of around 39 and a cough and feels rough- aches and pains etc.

He has ordered TamiFlu.
I am not so sure...I would have thought he would be flat out, like "normal" real flu?

If it IS how likely are the rest of us to catch it?

MuthaHubbard Sun 02-Aug-09 11:32:17

i think i have it too....and have ordered tamiflu. am hoping it is just a mild case and have caught it early.

i have a really sore throat (feels like glass, used to get this till they took my tonsils out 15 yrs ago!), hacking cough as though my lungs are about to appear, feel very hot and achey with a headache and a bit of a dodgy tummy. i can still function but it does feel like the onset of 'normal' flu except with the hacking cough.

i've had a sore throat for a few days but didn't think anything of it until the other symptoms kicked in.

my two kids haven't spent much time with me over the past few days (at their dads) so am hoping they won't catch it.

hopefully he only has it mildly or caught it early - even if it isn't SF maybe it's best to be safe then sorry...that's what i am thinking anyway!

Pikelit Sun 02-Aug-09 16:03:01

I reckon he's got it. Very similar symptoms to ds1 (aged 28). If he adds complete lethargy to the rest then he ticks quite enough boxes for SF. Unless he is seriously poorly or has underlying health issues, I'd be thoughtful about taking Tamiflu. He could end up feeling far worse.

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