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best thing to give an 8 year old

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southeastastra Mon 27-Jul-09 17:20:49

to lower his temperature and ease his coughing

yummymummy310 Mon 27-Jul-09 17:34:59

calpol, lots of fluid, maybe steam in their room with a little olbas oil in it, bit of vicks on their chest, put a pillow under their mattress to lift it up a bit. Ibuprofen if they aren't asthmatic maybe?

Have they seen a doc or have you been online to do the dreaded swine flu questionairre? We've had swine flu here and one of my little girls was unlucky and ended up having to have a course of steroids and inhaler for her breathing but think she was unlucky, she's much better now x

southeastastra Mon 27-Jul-09 17:40:18

thanks, called the helpline ds has been ill since saturday, high temp, sore throat and really nasty cough. he sort of passed out earlier too. have tamiflu

your poor girl? how long did it last for, feel so sorry for ds at the moment.

memoo Mon 27-Jul-09 17:43:27

DS is 8, we are all down with Sflu too. Have given DS calpol/nurofen and then tixilix nighttime before he goes to sleep, seems to really help his cough and help him sleep

definately agree with the steam in his bed room, always works for us

Elibean Mon 27-Jul-09 17:45:20

Ibuprofen to lower his temp, alternate with Calpol so he has something every few hours...Ive always found nurofen kids to be much more effective for fever, for longer.

For could give him Medised at night instead of Calpol, given that he's over 6...or if you have a humidifier, that might help. Some people say honey, though I usually find it makes me cough harder - depends on the individual I think.

Poor ds, sounds horrid - hope he's better soon.

southeastastra Mon 27-Jul-09 17:49:21

thank you, have send dp out with a list. will steam his room tonight as well.

really has knocked him for six

yummymummy310 Mon 27-Jul-09 17:49:59

my girls had it with temperature etc for around 5 days and just left with a nasty cough. I'd been so worried for them and tired from midnight trip to A&E etc got a bit run down and it knocked me off my feet, tried to soldier on as normal but it got the better of me and have been in bed since Friday with the SF and a secondary infection, fluid on lung. Think finally starting to feel better!

On plus side kids have been out cycling today with husband wouldn't believe they were the same poorly children we had here this time last week, just left with a nasty cough really other wise fine.

Hope he feels better soon and you take care too x

southeastastra Mon 27-Jul-09 18:03:34

omg poor you! that sounds awful

yummymummy310 Mon 27-Jul-09 18:08:36

yes! Mind you don't want to frighten you most people don't get it that bad, my youngest wasn't too bad and my Mum was fine within 4 days, my husband and my Mum's partner didn't get it touch wood.

Hope he picks up soon, you can't help but worry can you but I'm sure he'll be just fine in a few days x

southeastastra Tue 28-Jul-09 09:00:56

oh blimey i feel hot this morning! argh

yummymummy310 Tue 28-Jul-09 10:33:09

oh no poor you sounds like it may have got you too, try and rest if at all possible I did too much and got really poorly my Mum went to bed and got up 4 days later right as rain, hows the litte guy? Are you going to get some tamiflu?x

southeastastra Tue 28-Jul-09 13:07:50

feeling a bit better now and had to go to work, thinking would be better if i just get it now, we're due to go away late next week.

southeastastra Tue 28-Jul-09 13:08:07

ds still grumpy but doesn't seem as hot.

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