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DD1 now has rash on hands and wrist

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jetcat32 Mon 27-Jul-09 12:36:02

could this be related - i have no idea!!

She is on last day of Relenza, and basic cough linctus for cough. I noticed something on her wrist, it looks like a burn off an iron or something - long and straight, about 4cm long and 1cm widehmm. It is an inch or so above where she wears her watch, so i dont think it is an allergy to that. When i checked her hands, they look red and a little swollen, particulaly around the base of the fingers.

I guess i am paranoid and panicking over the smallest thing, so any reassurance would be more than welcomegrin

yummymummy310 Mon 27-Jul-09 12:43:24

would phone doctor if she has a rash just to be on safe side as it does say to report rashes straight away on advice, hope she gets better soon x

Northernlurker Mon 27-Jul-09 12:47:09

Does it fade when you press a glass on it?

You should ring the doctor, swollen hands do need to be checked

jetcat32 Mon 27-Jul-09 14:15:58

oh crap - will ring GP thensad

and yes it fades NL - tried that first! She doesnt have rash anywhere elsehmm

yummymummy310 Mon 27-Jul-09 14:21:26

let us know how you get on hope she's ok x

nosleeptilbedtime Mon 27-Jul-09 14:35:46

my DD had a rash all over with swine flu, it is a symptom apparently although 16 kids in her class had SF, only two had the rash.

Hope she gets well soon, it was over in 3 days for us.

jetcat32 Tue 28-Jul-09 15:00:05

rash has calmed down now, so advice was gp was just to keep an eye on it, and perhaps it was a reaction to the medication.

She is now finished the antivirals, but is still coughing. Do i have to keep her in until the cough goes?

yummymummy310 Tue 28-Jul-09 15:06:33

My gp said no you don't have to wait for cough to go, that aslong as fevers gone and she is well enough to go out it doesn't matter if she's coughing, aslong as it's 7 days since symptoms started. Glad she bit better x

jetcat32 Tue 28-Jul-09 18:42:33

thanks yummymummy. Symptoms started last week, late wednesday night, so think she will be stuck in till thursday at the earliestsad

I am at the GPs tomorrow anyway, so will check what his thoughts are. I think she is desparate to go out, but is very concious of her coughing, she coughs and coughs until she is nearly sicksad

Hope you are all nicely recovering as wellsmile

yummymummy310 Tue 28-Jul-09 18:47:59

today is first day I have felt nearly human again and even adventured outside - get me! Awh bless her it's horrid isn't it. At least hopefully after her bad time she should hopefully be immune to getting it again x

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