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advice needed ,am i being silly

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fairygirl3 Sun 26-Jul-09 18:43:51

ok,am probably overeacting ,need a slap.Am 38 weeks pregnant,due to hav a c-section in 9 days time.Normally would not worry about catching flu but with the whole being pregnant/newborn situation i seem incapable of making a sensible decision.
Have just found out that a child in ds nursery has swine flu,its his last day at nursery tomorrow.Now the rational part of me says we could catch swine flu anywhere off anyone,the hormonal part of me says am i putting him/us at undue risk and should keep him off.I dont want my section put off because i have swine flu or having to deal with flu while what would you do send him or keep him at home ?

evaangel2 Sun 26-Jul-09 18:47:19

I would keep him home if it was me

ireallymisspacers Sun 26-Jul-09 19:49:59

Me too. It's not hormones or overreaction, it's sensible caution. You won't be keeping him off because you're overworrying about the dangers of swine flu, or anything like that, but because quite sensibly you can see that if you got it it could really screw up everything to do with your section. It's a practical precaution, not panic, and you don't need a slap!

Given your situation and that it's only for nine days, you'd be quite justified in avoiding other possible hotspots too. Obviously no one can stay off crowded buses or away from soft-play places for the whole of a pandemic, but for only nine days it would be completely reasonable to avoid them too if you wanted to.

bertolli Sun 26-Jul-09 19:57:05

Keep him home i would. You'd kick yourself if he got it!
You are not overeacting- you are being wise me thinks.

yummymummy310 Sun 26-Jul-09 20:02:44

me too keep him away! we've had it and been really poorly, though don't want to scare you as most kids don't seem to be that poorly from what I'm reading and one of my little girls wasn't too poorly either.

I'd protect yourself from it at all costs as will cause problems for you in terms of the doctor seeing you, being admitted into hospital etc if you get it, as if you got it you'd be quarantined for 5 days and could be poorly.

Would keep an eye out for signs as my little girl came down with it thursday before last in the night and had been at nursery all day right as rain and didn't seem too poorly until later the next day, luckily the next day I cancelled plans to see my friend with her newborn and didn't take them to their nursery party although felt I was being very meladramatic at the time!

Am not telling you that to frighten you just so on the off chance you get it you can get advice or relenza straight away to protect yourself and your baby and your little boy of course.

My husband has been tucked up in bed with me every night and hasn't got it touch wood, so seems bit random how you get it.

Hope you keep it at bay, good luck with the baby x

fairygirl3 Sun 26-Jul-09 21:31:53

thank you everyone im never sure of my own mind/choices at the moment being so hormonal /tired .Your right its not like im planning on being like this/avoiding people situations for the rest of the year its 9 days & the thought of having to wait any longer for my section if i had flu is not funny.
i know we could catch it down the shops etc but i think i would rather people think im over reacting then mess everything up .Also everyone says about it being a mild flu but the 2 children i know who have had it have been quite ill.I do feel a bit bad about him missing out on saying goodbyes etc but in reality hes only 3 & hes probably not bothered & would rather stay at home with his brother & sister.
thank you all

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