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WWYD - visit to elderly relatives - we may have/have had SF ....

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verygreenlawn Sat 25-Jul-09 16:26:28

Really not convinced we have/have had SF, but any advice appreciated.

DS2 (5) had a very high temp (39.4), headache, sore throat, all-over aches - only lasted 2 days, and is now fully recovered. This was 3 weeks ago, GP said it probably wasn't SF (though a boy in his class had SF the same week).

DS1 (6) had exactly the same symptoms Monday/Tuesday this week, again felt fully recovered by end of Tuesday.

I've had an ongoing cough/sore throat/headache/general aches and pains, but no temperature. Am assuming it's not SF as I've had it 10 days or so, and I've felt generally rubbish but no different to a bad cold, and I'm feeling much better today.

Meant to be seeing ILs tomorrow for the first time in months, they're 78/79 - healthy but clearly getting on a bit. They will be gutted if we cancel, but am worried about ds1 in particular passing something on to them. Apart from with ds2 3 weeks ago haven't bothered ringing GP or NHS mainly because we wouldn't want to take Tamiflu anyway unless we'd really needed it. WWYD?

corblimeymadam Sat 25-Jul-09 16:28:33

Message withdrawn

verygreenlawn Sat 25-Jul-09 16:33:15

I could excuse me and ds1, and leave DH/ds2/ds3 to visit. Or can you be infectious (with any cold/flu) before you have any symptoms?

corblimeymadam Sat 25-Jul-09 16:47:34

Message withdrawn

verygreenlawn Sat 25-Jul-09 17:03:35

Thanks belgianbun, that was what I wondered ... BUT I've just taken ds3's temp and it's 38.5 (he's 10m) so it looks like he's next .... looks like it may be DH and ds2 only at this rate as they def have no symptoms.

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