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website showing nearest tamiflu collection points

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Botbot Sat 25-Jul-09 14:56:21

Think DD is going down with SF. Just been through the pandemic hotline routine. All fine except woman on other end of phone was really vague about where my nearest tamiflu collection point was - the one she eventually gave us is quite a long way away (we are in SE London so I assumed there'd be one quite near).

Thought I'd just check on the internet to see if there's one nearer, but can't find a website to do so - anyone know where I can find it (if it exists)?

yappybluedog Sat 25-Jul-09 14:58:02

<ready to take notes>

looneytune Sat 25-Jul-09 16:37:51

This is the site you need

Bit of advice the chemist you plan on using as my husband did a 20 min trip in one direction to be told that only 1 of the 4 listed collection points for our town were giving them out (unless on prescription) - so the website was wrong!! So hubby had to drive an hour (as totally opposite direction).

Botbot Sat 25-Jul-09 17:41:32

Thanks for that. Turns out the far-away one is the nearest. Have just been through the horrible trauma of trying to get the first dose into dd - think we're in for a rough few days!

looneytune Sat 25-Jul-09 18:01:55

Well my ds2 is only 13 months so my dh was told to open the capsule and sprinkle into food like you do with pets. Thing is, he's not always eating so......anyway, we're not giving at this stage, just wanted in the house in case we felt he needed something extra to help. Hope yours feels better soon x

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