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Baby 21 days old and paranoid as hell. Wondering what the symptoms would be to look out for.

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Cowwomanmoo Sat 25-Jul-09 01:45:24

Im alternating between total paranoia about newborn being ill, and being resigned to not being able to avoid it living in a city.
I?m unable to eat properly let alone clean down everything. Chicken pox in older child held back flood of visitors but there turning up in droves now she?s not sick anymore.
I am BF and that miraculously stopped baby from getting CP, all hopes lies in magic of breast milk to get through all this.

TeenyTinyToria Sat 25-Jul-09 02:08:06

Don't worry too much, paranoia isn't good for you. Swine flu isn't the only thing going around, I'm currently pulling an all nighter to watch over my 28 day old who is struggling with a bad cold. It's horrible, but the only thing you can do is practice good hygiene and hope for the best.

Danger signs to look for in a baby are floppiness, fever, breathing difficulties, etc. Look on the NHS Direct website and there's a comprehensive list of symptoms there.

Cowwomanmoo Mon 27-Jul-09 01:38:40

Thanks Teebytinytoria, Iv a tinfoil hat at the best of times.X

jabberwocky Mon 27-Jul-09 02:22:05

Ds2 was a preemie born right in the midst of flu season a couple of years ago. I just firmly stated that we weren't allowed visitors until he was older/had gained more weight especially with the risk of flu. I did have one friend get irritated about it hmm but no one else seemed put out and tbh it was really lovely just hanging out at home and not having to entertain people like with ds1.

Flgihtattendant Mon 27-Jul-09 07:50:13

Yes yes tell people not to come round atm as you are too tired for visitors.

Also ensure everyone washes their hands when they come in - I'm sure people will understand given the national panic atm xx

yummymummy310 Mon 27-Jul-09 11:16:09

your family are number one keep visitors at bay if I were you, we are just recovering from SF and luckily at the first signs which were mild at first I did not go and see my friend with a newborn - so glad I was sensible would have felt terrible if she'd got it. I BF my 2 and am a great believer that that will help hugely if baby did get it, good luck and take care x

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