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dd has a raging temp and watery diarrhoea.

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wrinklytum Fri 24-Jul-09 13:37:41

Keeps pointing to side of face if asked "Where does it hurt?" (she is pretty non verbal)A bit blotchy and has gone quite red on torso and limbs,generally off colour and vey clingy/whingy.

Have given calpol and brufen and she is having lots of water.

She has no runny nose/cough though?

Swine flu a possibility or just a gastric bug.?

Has started quickly in last 6 hours.


bargainhuntingbetty Fri 24-Jul-09 13:39:31

doesnt sound like swine but am bumping for you

Pinkjenny Fri 24-Jul-09 13:41:35

I read that a runny nose is not a symptom of swine flu, much more likely to have a stuffy nose. Can you get online and try the symptom checker?

luvaduck Fri 24-Jul-09 13:42:03

could well be. call doc instead of helpline and do today.

don't always get runny nose.

Mumsnut Fri 24-Jul-09 13:46:14

Whether swine flu or not, I had this. V nasty for about 4 days. If she is pointing to face maybe it is her throat she means??

I feel that my squittyness must have been SF actually, because dd definitely did have sf a few days later (nearly all the symptoms on the list) and i don't see how she could have got sf and me not, or me a tummy bug and she not, iyswim.

Elibean Fri 24-Jul-09 13:57:33

Pointing to her face could be sore throat, or headache, depending where on face she's pointing...or earache. If its started quickly, its very likely to be a virus - SF or not - but I'd phone GP surgery to talk it through with a doc, personally.

Cough seems to be developing after a day or two in lots of kids with SF.

Hope she's better fast, whatever it is!

wrinklytum Fri 24-Jul-09 14:14:28

Than you.Have looked at NHS symptom checker and it does include diarrhoea.I have contacted the flu line and the bloke at other end has sanctioned anti virals so am off to get them.

Poor dd.She is going to mil tonight as I am at work and the last thing we want is for dp to get it as he is immunosupressed and on a nebuliser for associated respiratory probs,though chances are if it is the pig flu and dd has it he will get it also.

VintageV Sun 26-Jul-09 10:23:31

Runny nose is a symptom of swine flu, check gov website. If has two of symptoms listed then could well be. Temp of over 38.0 is big indicator.

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