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Please clarify something for me about swine flu....

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evaangel2 Fri 24-Jul-09 05:01:49

Ds1 is 13 and came into contact with swine flu last week, a friend of his had it from school and was diagnosed just before the school broke up, anyhow few days ago ds1 got sore throat, slightly high temp, headache & diahorria was sleepy for a day or so but the symptoms have been relatively mild, anyhow ds2(3.5) now has started with the diahorria and the general feeling unwell.

a couple of questions really...

1. With swine flu are some ppl getting mild like symptoms which there own bodies are fighting against the virus in other words how would you not know if you are carrying the virus if your gp is just diagnosing you with the symtom checker.

2. What is the danger temp point..I phoned gp and she said if his temp reached over 38 to contact swine flu helpline, ds reached 37.9 but came down after paracetomol.

3. Also I was told the other day that if this virus mixes with the seasonal flu then its going to cause millions of deaths in this country hence it being around in the winter months.

I am trying to remain level headed over the swine flu & am trying not to panic, I am not sure whether his symptoms are just purely coincidental that he has a virus or are just his bodies way of coping with the swine flu..

any advice or info will be helpful..thanks


wannaBe Fri 24-Jul-09 06:21:10

1. without a swab test there is no way of knowing that you actually have swine flu. They had a doctor on the radio yesterday who said that when they were doing swabs over 50% of people with symptoms didn't actually have the virus, so there's as much chance that he has it as doesn't, but will most likely be diagnosed with it purely based on his symptoms.

2. The temp "danger" point is considered to be over 38 degrees, but if his temp is coming down with paracetamol he's not in danger iyswim.

3. It's really a great unknown because swine flu has never been around in the winter before, but people are estimating that 60000 people could die as opposed to millions. It is however worth bearing in mind that this has not happened in the southern hemisphere where it is now their flu season, and that currently only 700 people have died worldwide, which is much lower than the annual death rate from seasonal flu.

So I wouldn't panic.


evaangel2 Fri 24-Jul-09 08:23:38

thanks Wannabe

It is difficult to know how many cases as they have stopped swabbing and are basing your diagnosis on your symptoms, hence it could be viral tonsillitus and it will just run its course iyswim

Elibean Fri 24-Jul-09 09:45:24

I do remember several lads at Hampton School having swine flu (swabbed) and their symptoms were mild: headache, temps of 38 at most, sore throat, some with slight runs.

So I do think symptoms can vary. Very frustrating not to know, isn't it?

stuffitlllama Fri 24-Jul-09 09:50:35

Temperatures are not dangerous until they reach 104 (conservatively -- some say 105, some say 107). You can check this out on various conventional medical websites.

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