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tonsillitis or swine flu?

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GothMummy Thu 23-Jul-09 16:42:12

Theres a lot of people round here with possible SF (including me last week) whose main symptoms are more consistent with tonsilitis than flu... as in, having fluey feelings and a temperature but the worst symptoms being a raging sore throat feeling like you have lumps in your throat, mouth ulcers, and a cracking headache that lasts for days.

I just wondered if there was a different bug going round the East Midlands or if bad sore throat/headache is a major feature of this flu?

dikkertjedap Thu 23-Jul-09 16:50:10

Tonsillitis can be viral or bacterial (or start as one and become the other), the latter might need treatment with antibiotics and can be dangerous if it gets out of control, see

So I would keep a close eye on it and see a doctor for a diagnosis in case it is bacterial tonsillitis.

GothMummy Thu 23-Jul-09 16:55:03

Thanks Im all better now but was poorly for 7 days. Just wondering what it was really! My friend's baby was in hospital recently with tonsilitis and/or swine flu so its obviously some kind of virus going round these parts.

atlantis Thu 23-Jul-09 22:14:00

I think you may get tonsilitus (ish) with this flu because everyone says about the raw barbed wire throat. ?

And didn't the first child that died have tonsilitus and swine flu and died of sepsis due to the tonsilitus. ?

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