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Oh dear

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Lovemyshoes Thu 23-Jul-09 13:33:02

5 of my friends have got swine flu, 1 of which is bedboud, 3 of which are close friends and I'm in regular contact with the other 1 of which was at my house last night, she w absolutely fine, and I gave her a hug as she was upset.

This morning she is really ill and has had tamiflu prescribed.

14 children plus staff are off ill from dc's school with swine flu, what do you think the chances of me and dc staying clear?

Should I start stocking up on painkillers, toilet tissue, soups etc (not going to go mad, just get extra of the things we normally buy)

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 23-Jul-09 15:02:36

I would say yes - some stocking up is a good idea don't forget icepops and that those little packets of nurofen/paracetemol don't stretch very far.

Good luck.

mummynumnum Thu 23-Jul-09 15:22:57

I think I have lot of symptoms but doing ok-just worried worse is to come. Does it come on bad straight away or builds up? Hope I have just a cold! Preg at 11wks so prob being overly sensitive on the whole issue!!!

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 23-Jul-09 16:00:26

It comes on pretty quickly. Usually a quick rise in temp plus other flu symptoms. If you have a temp and or bad cough, sore throat, then phone your gp for advice as you come into one of the categories who ought to talk to gp

mummynumnum Thu 23-Jul-09 20:25:05

yes will first thing tomorrow. Had my eight paracetomol in 24 hours and cant have anymore till after 3am and concerned now about keeping temp down.

Lovemyshoes Thu 23-Jul-09 21:25:59

mummynumnum, if you are worried about keeping temp down you could have a tepid bath, sleep under a cotton sheet, or, wet a flannel, tea towel or something and put it on your forehead.

My chest is feeling tight and I've got a little bit of a sore throat and a headache (which I've had for 2 nearly 3 weeks), and don't generally feel ill.

Elibean Thu 23-Jul-09 21:29:25

mummynumnum, have you taken/can you take Ibuprofen? If so, it last longer than paracetamol and is often better at bringing temps down. Hope you feel better v soon.

mummynumnum Fri 24-Jul-09 06:35:53

Am preg so cant take ibuprofen sad

Lovemyshoes Fri 24-Jul-09 08:48:38

How are you feeling today mummynumnum?

Elibean Fri 24-Jul-09 09:42:53

GP (one I trust) did tell me that if benefit outweighed risks I could take Ibuprofen during pg, but would check that out. If your temp is uncontrollable with paracetamol, would be worth asking doctor?

Hope you're feeling better and don't need to!

mummynumnum Fri 24-Jul-09 10:31:33

Spoke to Gp and helpline. Got the flu. Prescribed anti-virals. Still v worried about how they might affect baby.

Lovemyshoes Fri 24-Jul-09 11:31:17

Could you phone the swineflu helpline on 0800 1 513 513 and ask their advice or your pharmacist?

mummynumnum Sat 25-Jul-09 07:52:12

poor dh feels very chesty now. Has no temp though so not sure if worth phoning flu line. I ws diagnosed yesterday.

mummynumnum Sun 26-Jul-09 07:21:41

No temp today and just feel like I have bad cold now!

Low on supplies and dh is getting bug and wondering if I am still contagious??

Elibean Sun 26-Jul-09 13:34:34

I think its 5 days from onset, with Tamiflu?? Can you do an online shop, maybe, or get someone to shop the basics for you? I imagine you're not feeling too great yet, contagion issue aside, and should probably still be resting if possible!

Sorry dh has it now...

yummymummy310 Sun 26-Jul-09 15:57:58

my husband didn't get it so I did a shop online and he took it at the door with very clean hands, better than him trecking round supermarket and abandoning 3 poorly ladies.

I've been telling my friends to stock up but as there's only us with the swine flu they don't seem to take me seriously thinking that it is rare. My 2 have fought it off well, my first little girl had bad breathing problems and what was similar to an accute asthma attack and was given steroids and an inhaler but in less than a week she has unbelievably improved.

If you haven't got aches and pains, chills etc maybe you have just got a bad cold, hope so. What ever it is try not to worry and get better soon as the stress will upset the baby more just try and chill though I know it's hard x

mummynumnum Mon 27-Jul-09 09:49:36

No temp today but still hoarseand coughing. Need to sit down regularly a well!

Hoep everyone with s flu is ok out there!

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