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I'm not really panicking, honest, but could do with some wise my asthmatic 4yo.

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cakemix Wed 22-Jul-09 19:05:42

Yesterday afternoon all of a sudden high temp, headache, neckache and tiredness - in fact she slept for a good hour (she hasnt had day nap since 18mths old) and still slept last night. I worried but told myself it was probably just a mild bug, I kept an eye on her all night and temp was down below 38 this morning so didn't call doc.

She had small bit of cereal for breakfast, ate more at lunchtime and I thought she was back to normal, however now has a temp over 38 yet says she's cold, a sore throat, and loss of appetite since lunchtime, and is flaked out on sofa with blanket over her.

Really am aware this could just be mild bug of some sort but what keeps niggling is that she's asthmatic, she doesn't suffer often these days but when she does get it she nearly always ends up in hospital for neb and steroids.

I have two older DDs who have no other medical probs and myself and Dh have mild asthma - I've not been concerned about swine flu particularly, until DD3 started feeling unwell yesterday.

So sane Mumsnetters, please give me some well grounded sensible advice.


cakemix Wed 22-Jul-09 19:10:16

Oh and a bit of a loose poo this afternoon to add to the symptoms.

Boco Wed 22-Jul-09 19:13:43

My 4 yo dd also has asthma - and always ends up getting pneumonia, so know how scary it can be. For that reason I think I'd call your GP and tell them the symptoms, because if it is SF I think tamiflu needs to be given fairly soon for it to work. Hope she's ok.

MarmadukeScarlet Wed 22-Jul-09 19:17:57

My DS has asthma, a heart valve defect and CP - he has been lethargic and highish temp for 4 days.

I had SF until last week and now have pneumonia.

I was too poorly to take him to GP/notice that he was a bit cranky in first 48 hours (which was the weekend) he was given a scrip for tamiflu but, tbh, I have not given it to him as he is so much better and I wasn't really quick enough to make a difference.

He was much less ill than I was, probably due to sleeping and generally taking it easy rather than trying to be superwoman!

He had high temp (not over 39) runny nose, sore throat and was grumpy and floppy.

Your LO will be fine, they are tougher than they look! (Genuinely I hope she is better soon)

TurtleAnn Wed 22-Jul-09 19:20:28

I am a paniker so I would call the GP, the worst they can say is 'go away'. I am also asthmatic and I know how painful and crappy that feels when I get sick. Love to your DD x

cakemix Wed 22-Jul-09 19:20:40

Thanks Boco. Really appreciate the response, I don't want to leave it if it's serious but really don't want to force the tamiflu on her if it's not necessary as the side effects don't sound too pleasant!

cakemix Wed 22-Jul-09 19:23:44

Ooh, thanks MarmadukeScarlet and TurtleAnn too!!

She's a great little body of fight whenever she's ill, never lets it get her down. I just have the worries over this.

Thanks also for the good wishes. xx

Glad your DS is ok MarmadukeScarlet. x

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