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In contact with someone with Swine Flu

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Kayzr Wed 22-Jul-09 10:46:10

My neighbour has been told by his GP he might have tonsilitus but it is probably swine flu. His DW has just told me he can't really move and is sleeping on the front room floor.

She then went on to ask me if I wanted to take the boys swimming later to the Mum and children swimming. Where there will be young babies.

I thought that if you were in contact with someone with swine flu you should keep away from crowded places or is that just me making it up?

whomovedmychocolate Wed 22-Jul-09 10:47:40

Only if you have symptoms.

tiredemma Wed 22-Jul-09 10:48:13

DS2 had swine flu, dp still went to work and ds1 went to school.

Only the person wit swine flu needs to stay confined at home. not everyone else.

Kayzr Wed 22-Jul-09 10:49:37

Just must be round here then. The DRs have large posters up saying send someone who doesn't live in your household for the medicine.

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