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Wear gloves to prevent swine flu spreading

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grumpyoldbookworm Tue 21-Jul-09 12:20:41

In the days of my great grandparents people wore gloves in towns. Perhaps they were on to something... It isn't always possible to disinfect hands after touching handrails in buses, tubes, escalators etc. How about some great designer making fabulous washable gloves?

Chevre Tue 21-Jul-09 12:26:57

gloves would be even mankier than hands. but by all means do dress as an edwardian lady if it makes you feel better

bumptwitknocker Wed 22-Jul-09 10:09:57

Washable gloves would get just as manky as hands. Hands are washable. In the days of your great grandparents, there were probably several epidemics in Britain, and loads of people died. Gloves are rubbish.

HeadFairy Wed 22-Jul-09 10:11:43

Unless you're going to carry around a box of surgical gloves there's no point... washing your hands is much more effective.

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