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Does this sound like it might be swine flu? ds (8)

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lowlandlady Tue 21-Jul-09 10:52:57

He had a high temperature on Sat am,
felt dizzy when he stood up
slightly runny nose
tummy "didn't feel right"
no appetite
bit thirsty
very pale and listless

Was fine and running around all night after being neurofened up during the day. Still really pale though.

Yesterday no fever went out all day to big do, running around, not a massive appetite.

Last night had temp over 100, today temp still high but sitting watching dvds, mild cough, tiny bit of runny nose, bit listless, no appetite.

Is there no way of knowing without the swab thing?

babyhouse Tue 21-Jul-09 11:17:18

The docs wont swab anymore. If he still has the temp then with the other symptoms the doc would give tamiflu. Sounds much like my DD who is on her 4th day & now bright as a button!

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