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For those with swine flu do any of you have mild symptoms??

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littlemissbossy Tue 21-Jul-09 10:51:09

Two work colleagues have been diagnosed with it and I have headache, sore throat, aches & pains, general washed out feeling but not THAT BAD TBH. Swine flu or just another virus? anybody else similar?

vodkaandcoke Tue 21-Jul-09 10:52:50

I have this and have been told by doc unless you have the temperature then its just a normal cold.

littlemissbossy Tue 21-Jul-09 10:55:58

Thanks V&C I need to go to Tesco... mmm Tesco in school holidays think I'd rather have swine flu
I had a temperature yesterday but today it's fine

GentleOtter Tue 21-Jul-09 11:09:02

I wondered if our entire family had a very mild dose or if it was something else.

We had all recently been to Glasgow but normally rarely leave the farm so little resistance to viruses etc.
Symptoms have been sore throats, hoarseness, vom & diarr, sleepiness, feeling cold and sore joints.

We just carried on with working but have taken it a bit easier or go to bed a bit earlier in the evening. The children had been a bit 'hangy' for a few days but are fine now. We did not ask the GP as it did not seem serious enough.

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