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Urgent - what would you do?

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maria1665 Tue 21-Jul-09 09:29:52

We are about to join a group of families holidaying in a large house in the Lakes. They have been there three days already.

One family went home today with the 3 year old suffering from swine flu.

What's the advice on whether we should go. I have an 19 month old, as well as suffering from asthma myself.

Checked NHS website - no advice given.

What would you do? (Car packed and we are just about ready to set off.)

belgo Tue 21-Jul-09 09:32:09

I would not go. You may be more vulnerable if you have asthma, and pf course your child.

moffat Tue 21-Jul-09 09:32:09

oh lordy, tough one. I would err on the side of caution and not go. Is the three year old a confirmed and tested case? Will you be losing money?

LIZS Tue 21-Jul-09 09:32:34

Go , you can't really cancel on a maybe especially if teh ill child has left . Sure others might be incubating it but myabe not. Could just as easily ctahc it at a service station en route or your local shop. Even then it might be mild symtpoms.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 21-Jul-09 09:32:54

Personally I wouldn't go as it is pretty likely that some/most of the others are/will catch it.

I think you have to decide whether the holiday is worth it.

Sorry, it's very hard I know sad

paddingtonbear1 Tue 21-Jul-09 09:34:42

hmm, hard one, I guess they are sure that the 3 yr old had SF? Would you get any money back?

brimfull Tue 21-Jul-09 09:34:59

I would rather have SF at home
I wouldn't go unless coming home is not a hassle.

MovingOutOfBlighty Tue 21-Jul-09 09:35:50

Have swine flu and severe asthma ATM. It is not too bad at all (for me - I get to sit here all day and look at MN!)

My friend who is the constultant microbiologist at a London hosp said that I was lucky to get SF now as it is going to potentially become more virulent and getting it in the summer whilst it is warm (? looking at the rain now) is a good thing. So althoug she is not actively advocating SF parties she thinks now is a good time to get it.
I would go on holiday.

bigchris Tue 21-Jul-09 09:37:30

i would go, you might not get it, presumably everyone else is o k or they would have left too?

paddingtonbear1 Tue 21-Jul-09 09:38:12

how many of you would there be in the house? If it were just me I'd risk it and go, but I'm not sure I would with a child.

Flgihtattendant Tue 21-Jul-09 09:39:34

You could postpone a couple of days and see if the others start getting it who are already there, if not then go up. Leave everything in the car.

paddingtonbear1 Tue 21-Jul-09 09:42:50

Flight's idea is good. can you do that?

littlemissbossy Tue 21-Jul-09 09:44:13

I wouldn't go either TBH. Very likely that the virus will have spread to others already.

ilovemydogandmrobama Tue 21-Jul-09 09:55:26

When is the incubation period for SF? Maybe you could find this out from NHS Direct?

nosleeptilbedtime Tue 21-Jul-09 10:28:07

I would go, practice good hygine. My daughter had swine flu 2 weeks ago and so far DP and DS have not been affected and she was cuddling them, sleeping in bed etc.
Anyway, SF is really quite mild in comparison to normal flu.

Dumbledoresgirl Tue 21-Jul-09 10:31:50

I would go. I have a feeling it might be better to get it now rather than next winter.

Also, it sounds like you are staying in a nice house. Not the same as being at home with all your comforts, but not as if you are going to be ill in a tent on a windswept hillside! There will be lots of people around you to help you and cheer you up if you do get it.

But most of all, I would go because I don't think it sounds very likely that you would catch it now that the infected child has gone home.

Tummum Tue 21-Jul-09 10:45:50

This is a tricky one, but on balance my personal choice would be to go. My DD2, who is 2, has sf at the moment, and it's pretty mild TBH, and I am not convinced it is SF at all it is that mild. If you do choose to go, make sure that you take plenty of calpol & ibruprofen for your DC and for you, take a thermometer and know who to contact when you get there if you need some advice on it all.


IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 21-Jul-09 10:53:33

I think I would go. Lots of handwashing will be the order of the day. Hope you have a great time if you do decide to go.

wannaBe Tue 21-Jul-09 10:54:38

I would go. Just because she has had it does not mean others will have it. Besides it's possible it wasn't sf as no-one is being officially diagnosed any more..

Flgihtattendant Tue 21-Jul-09 11:02:23

But if the people whose child had it have had to leave, you might have to face a return journey as well - if the other families don't want you to stay - when you are all feeling rubbish.

It's a risk. If the other family had been welcome to stay there, I would think differently - although maybe it was their decision to leave?

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 21-Jul-09 11:08:43

It isn't ALWAYS mild, I know people who have had it and said it was pretty horrible, like regular seasonal flu.

MovingOutOfBlighty Tue 21-Jul-09 11:11:34

Not always mild but as an asthmatic with SF I just want to reassure Maria that catching it is not a death sentance either.
From all the reports on the TV I was terrified of catching it as it is so balanced in favour of despair. The reality has been, so far, thank goodness, I have had worse problems with normal seasonal colds.

Pollyanna Tue 21-Jul-09 11:11:39

I would go too, my dh and ds2 have both had this (dh has been ill for 2 weeks now), and no one else in the house has had it yet.

I have already heard that it is better to get it now than in the winter.

My dh has asthma, which is why the SF may have gone to his chest, but he has never been in danger with the illness (touch wood etc etc), it has just lingered on for weeks.

Spidermama Tue 21-Jul-09 11:13:27

I'd go.

Spidermama Tue 21-Jul-09 11:15:14

Pollyanna I also have asthma and have had pneumonia and pleurisy so am slightly worried. My lungs are my achillies heel. However I think I'd rather get it now and battle through.

I'm not a big fan of vaccines and probably have more fear of what a hastily knocked together vax might do to me than of the actual illness.

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