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Swine Flu - Would you travel with a 6 week old to the UK?

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chocciedooby Mon 20-Jul-09 20:35:40

I am due to fly to the UK this Thursday with my 6 week old baby and I am concerned that I may be putting her at risk of catching Swine Flu.

I am not as concerned about visiting my family but more so about bringing her on a plane where germs are easily spread.

jkklpu Mon 20-Jul-09 20:42:13

What country are you coming from? UK has high rates of swine flu, so it may well be that the flight is the least likely place where you'll be exposed. But depends on where you're coming from and whether it's a common route for lots of multiple trips that makes it likely that there will be people on the flight who travel a lot between the UK and other places.

Have you looked at all the NHS info on the UK situation? That's probably more relevant to take into account.

scienceteacher Mon 20-Jul-09 20:45:27

You've been taken in by the hype, choccie.

Personally, I am carrying on as normal.

chocciedooby Mon 20-Jul-09 21:29:14

Coming from Ireland so lots of people commuting between the 2 countries every day.

Not the only one being taken in by the hype if thats what it is. I am finding a lot of confusing information on the internet.

jkklpu Mon 20-Jul-09 21:31:21

Probably not that different then, unless you live in rural Ireland far from any of the cities. Make sure you all have your EHIC cards in case you need to get Tamiflu/Relenza while you're here.

TomCruise Mon 20-Jul-09 21:33:40

I wouldn't tbh. Just come another time. If you can protect the baby until vaccines are available then it will be better.

chocciedooby Mon 20-Jul-09 22:37:04

So I'm not the only one being affected by "the hype"?!

It's a tricky situation as my whole family are in the UK and we are supposed to be getting together for a family reunion. If I make the decision to not go this time around, surely things will be worse re: swine flu for the remainder of the year and therefore it could be next year before I see them! They are also keen to see my newborn baby

OrangeFish Mon 20-Jul-09 22:38:50

Foget about what country are you flying to/from, the real worry should be the flight.

OrangeFish Mon 20-Jul-09 22:41:08

So, no, I wouldn't get into an airplane (small crowded space with air recirculating each other's breathing) at this swine flu time with such a young baby.

EldonAve Mon 20-Jul-09 22:41:55

I would travel as normal

dikkertjedap Tue 21-Jul-09 11:23:30

I wouldn't risk it. I have cancelled all my trips and also asked people from UK not to visit. Not worth the risk. DH had confirmed swine flu and was quite unwell for several days (very high fever hard to control), he did get tamiflu quickly and so did my 3 yo dd and myself. I want to do everything possible not to get it and then to get the vaccin asap.

chocciedooby Tue 21-Jul-09 12:51:39

Yes Orangefish its the flight that concerns me. If pregnant woman are being told to avoid crowded places then surely a newborn should avoid aeroplanes if at all possible?!

I am also concenred about the fact that I could catch it (having only given birth 5 weeks ago am I high risk?) and then bring it back to my 2 boys and husband.

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