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11 mo had a cough (as do I), sniffly for days now suddenly hot and sleepy...

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LadyOfWaffle Mon 20-Jul-09 17:00:16

I would think swine flu, but we have both been under the weather with runny noses and coughs for about a week? (mine is worse, he just had 'a cough' for a day or so, and the odd cough here and there)This afternoon he has suddenly become hot (no thermometer but I can tell he isn't just hot from blankets/clothes etc, infact he is in just nappy) , sleepy and whingey, but when settling for nap he snoozed a tiny bit, whinged and has been feeding, dozing lightly and whineging for about 3 hours now. I have given Calpol for now , thinking it maybe was teething with the sudden onset of crying - shall I leave it at that or phone whoever you phone (NHS direct?) if you think it's swine flu? We are in a hot spot, his brothers school had it (but childminder takes brother to school, but Friday CM said her daughter had it) and Sat night we went to SILs who told us when we were there her son had it a while ago (when they were swabbing) - dunno if it would linger? Sorry if this doesn't make sense Just not sure what to do. Thanks

Also, is it likely I have it - not sure on temp, possible raised temp but had a cough for at least a week now.

mrsmortenharket Tue 21-Jul-09 10:02:42

am not sure sweetheart, does he feel cooler when you gave him calpol? usually after about 10-15 minutes?

LadyOfWaffle Tue 21-Jul-09 11:08:00

It did calm down, he was OK by evening. I think I am just on high alert I think we may have already had it, but very mild. It's so hard to tell though! Thanks anyway

mrsmortenharket Wed 22-Jul-09 09:22:44


i think if th temp doesn't go down with calpol and remains over 38-40 deg c, then it's time for a+e kind of thing. it is a bit concerning though isn't it?

am glad he's ok now xx

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