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think we had it before the wave - do these symptoms match?

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normanthehairdresser Mon 20-Jul-09 16:22:27

Would be very interested to know whether the symptoms we all had in late June match. DS is 3 and has fits with high temperature so I would love to have a good idea if we'd all been through it. We are not in a 'hotspot'.

I feeling poorly on the Sunday and DS a bit off colour. Monday we were both heavy cold symptoms, me no voice, fever and feeling very grotty. DS had a temperature of 38+ all day, heavily runny nose, no appetite. One go of diarrhoea in evening. Took him to GP in evening who saw a very very red sore throat, diagnosed his usual tonsilitis and gave ABs. As we were putting him to bed his temp went rapidly up to 40 and he looked like a fit was likely - didnt but was 39-40 until the small hours.

Both he and I better the next morning but had runny nose/cold symptoms and a racking persistent dry cough for several days. Neither of us entirely well for the next week.

Just wondering if that was it - the sudden onset temp and the persistent dry cough seem things that people have mentioned on here?

pofacedandproud Mon 20-Jul-09 19:56:56

very hard to know without testing I'm afraid.

normanthehairdresser Mon 20-Jul-09 20:43:41

I know - and I work in the NHS so I really should calm down about it!

I would be a lot less worried if he didn't have febrile convulsions, it would just be so nice to know that we'd had it and come out the other side.

I'm hardly the only one in that situation though

Thanks for your help

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