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okay 3 of us down.. one waiting for a dr call back,

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BCNS Mon 20-Jul-09 11:39:20

ds1 seems well at the moment.. but we rang school as 3 of us in the house are down with it already, and they'd rather ds1 stayed off for the 2 days left of term just incase.. which is fair enough.

dd is starting to feel a bit better although still flumping.. i'm managing .. ds2 has slept most of the morning already.

what I need is a few ideas of really easy copable things I can do with the dc's in the house to help keep the bordom at bay when they are awake and up for it.. we have already exhausted the dvd's, If I play another board game i'll cry lol.

so ideas for a 6, a 10 and a 14 that do not take too much energy up lol please

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