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Quick onset or by stealth - how did you get sf?

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makedoandmend Mon 20-Jul-09 11:29:56

Would be interested to know how people who think they've had/confirmed as having sf got the first symptoms - how long from the first symptoms until you realised you had the piggy disease?

I've been feeling groggy the last few days - then yesterday hot/cold. Feel back to just groggy today but the coldy, sniffly side feels like it's getting worse.

It would be useful to guage whether this is just a cold or whether I resign myself to cancelling all baby activities this week just in case.


Julezboo Mon 20-Jul-09 11:51:17

I woke up with stiff neck and severe headache Saturday morning. By saturday 11am I had taken to my bed, GP came out on Sunday and prescribed TF (brought it with him too!) It took around 24 hours to develop the sniffles, sore throat, sneezes, achy body. By abut 4pm yesterday the D&V started, still vomiting today and feel generally crapola, cant get out of bed Feeling very sorry for myself as I havent seen my DS's since Friday, told to keep them away if possible as one if under 5 xxx

makedoandmend Mon 20-Jul-09 12:02:08

Oh Julezboo - sorry you feel so bad - sounds hideous. Did the Dr say keep the kids away?

makedoandmend Mon 20-Jul-09 13:21:52


lucykate Mon 20-Jul-09 13:35:09

the little boy at dd's school who was the first confirmed case last week, was a bit achey and tired on the monday, but still well enough to be in school (at this point, they had no idea he had swine flu), but by the tuesday lunchtime, his temperature shot up all of a sudden, he went home from school straight away but was in hospital by the evening as his parents couldn't get his temperature to come down at all.

Julezboo Mon 20-Jul-09 13:38:51

He did makedo or we could have him home and put him on tamiflu which I wouldn't wish on him tbh!

MovingOutOfBlighty Mon 20-Jul-09 13:42:32

Have SF right now.

No worse than a very bad cold ATM, yesterday had temp and sneezing loads, bad headache. Guts OK.

Today feeling a bit weak but feel as though could be getting better. Headache really helped with paracetomol.
I am severely asthmatic so was really worried, but feeling happier now I have it as have had far worse flu than this
. Worried about the dcs getting it but as my friend who is a medical consultant said, its probably better to get it now that it is nice and warm etc.

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