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Right - topic chosen by a MNer written by a MNer - flu vaccine in pregnancy

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hereidrawtheline Mon 20-Jul-09 11:17:15

Hi again sorry to post this 3 times, it is on an ongoing thread and pregnancy but I didnt know at the time we had a swine flu topic so one more!

This is from my thread here where I auctioned off 3000 words on my blog written on whatever topic the winning bidder chose. flick won and chose the topic so I wrote it and posted it last night on my blog here

Topic: health effects on unborn child whose mother receives the flu vaccine. Remember in the spirit of the thing the idea was I wrote about something I would know next to nothing about so this is clearly just my opinion based on my research (thorough as it was I am not a doctor!) So hope it is ok.

Musukebba Mon 20-Jul-09 13:10:28

Clearly a lot of work to put that article together, so congratulations on that and I'm sure the money was well-earned.

However I suggest the article suffers from a serious bias towards discussing thiomersal; and rather undermines its usefulness when the seasonal and swine flu vaccinations for 2009/10 will not contain this ingredient.

hereidrawtheline Mon 20-Jul-09 13:18:41

fair enough. but for me thiomersal was a sticking point in the debate about whether or not it is safe for the unborn child. Which is what my given topic was. And if we have plenty of thiomersal free vaccines this year it is not because they have been banned. They are still very common.

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