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Can you please explain to me the Incubation period and contagious period?

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devotion Mon 20-Jul-09 09:54:14

I keep reading different things.

Does anyone know?

I was told the incubation period was 2-5 days for adults and 7 days for children and that you are only contagious when symptoms appear.

But others have told me different, can anyone confirm this is right?

Some mother selfishly brought her dd to a playgroup even though she said she had been ill for the last 24 hours with cough, temp, fever but seemed "happier" that morning.

Anyway the poor child had blue lips, was shivering, coughing everywhere and looked dreadful.

Myself and another woman told her to take her dd home. 6 days later she was been told she has swine flu and was given tamiflu.

Her dd has been most places this week so spread it everywhere. the mum obviously thought it was ok to ignore advice to keep her at home.

so my question is if the incubaion periods i have been told are right then i will know if my dd and i (pregnant) are out of the woods by tomorrow.

I hope the poor littlw dd recovers quickly.

Her mum did take her to the doc, she had four of the swine fly symptoms but the go said she didnt have it because she didnt have a sore throat??? and it was ok to send her to nursery the next day which the mother did.

devotion Mon 20-Jul-09 09:55:02

i dont know about everyone elses nursery but my dd's school and nursery say to keep away for at least 24 hours after any kind of temp or tummy bug so that gp is an idot!

idunnop Mon 20-Jul-09 10:01:57

The NHS Direct website tells you everything you need to know...

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