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Can i make a plea... please?

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TitsalinaBumsquash Sun 19-Jul-09 22:35:21

If you know someone with a child "at risk" please don't call them up and bang on about how worried they must be and how you "know" loads of people in thier area who have died becuase of dreaded Swine Flu and hows its on the news that children have died in hospitals within minutes of showing symptoms, and generally go on about how terrible it must be to be lving in fear...blah...blah...blah

Sorry rant over, my friends, whom i sure means well has just donr this to me, i was fairly chilled out about it, despite the last few days of sore throat and runny nose i have had,but now i have he need to check my boys rather obsessivley as they sleep.

Yes i am worried, Yes he IS high risk, No the local news is not saying someone has dies in our local childrens ward.... please friend your not easing my angst.

Thanks i feel better now. <sniff>

TitsalinaBumsquash Sun 19-Jul-09 22:57:10

..........Tumble Weed............

<Gets Coat>

Sorry for random explosion above, was slightly stressed......

sleepsforwimps Sun 19-Jul-09 23:10:27

I'm sure your friend meant well in her own funny panic inducing way.

<hugs TitsalinaBumsquash> oops on MN forgot where I was for a minute.. er... <shakes TitsalinaBumsquash's hand and gives her a couple of firm slaps on the back>

8oreighty Sun 19-Jul-09 23:14:16

Have just been checking my ds every 10 mins...he prob has it...has just turned 4 so technically I should be worried?...called the "help" line, and was told someone would call me back, nothing. I know there is nothing they can do but I am seriously worried. His temp was nearly 40...throwing up etc...also on my own. It is stressful...the news is not helping either.

Elibean Mon 20-Jul-09 09:34:16

HOw is he this morning, Boreighty?

8oreighty Mon 20-Jul-09 22:33:48

Thanks, he is loads better. They finally called back, and said it could have been swine flu but as he's on the mend no point giving tamiflu...which I wouldn't have wanted to do anyway unless he seemed to need it. Was just very scary last night as temp was hovering around 40 for ages...and the vomiting was so out of the blue.

Elibean Mon 20-Jul-09 22:35:54

I'm very glad to hear it smile

40 is scary, being on your own with sick LO is scary. Hope he's truly on the mend now, and that both of you can get some rest - I bet you need it!

8oreighty Mon 20-Jul-09 22:42:38

Thanks again...I really wouldn't have worried if it wasn't for all this media crap about swine flu. It seems to just be a flu that's around. You call the helpline and they can't tell you anything, which means they can't reassure you either. Would have been better off just not knowing it was swine flu! I just kept thinking I might have to chuck him in a cold bath...and dreading it. But luckily was ok. thank god for mumsnet, after trying nhs, bbc etc, it was only mumsnet where I could find any actual info.

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