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AIBU, yes I F*****G AM, DH on Tamaflu, me 35weeks pregnant wtf do I do?

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Confuzzeled Sun 19-Jul-09 20:57:36

Okay so I need to moan.

DH came back from Canada yesterday, got very little help on the phone to NHS so called again today as he's feeling worse. He's been put on Tamaflu and told to have no contact with me or dd.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and dd is 2yo. She is still recovering from chicken pox and frankly so am I having to look after while she was ill and I'm this pregnant.

The doctors have said I need to see a gp if I or dd display any symptoms. So like runny nose - that'll be my hayfever, cough - also from hayfever, sore bones - spd or general pregnant achy bones, headache - I get them all the time, feeling run down - well wtf have I been saying about not sleeping for 2 weeks and having no help with a chicken pox child while heavily pregnant. AAAAAAaaaaaaaarrggh.

Why the hell can't they just test my dh and then we can all relax? Surely the risk to me and dd is worth testing him?

His mother thinks we shouldn't be in the same house together, so where the hell is one of us meant to go. Nobody will want a swine flu person in their house. My family live miles away and have other rellies coming to stay. Can't go stay with MIL as she having kimo and if I already have it I could pass it to her weak system. The only other option is a hotel, dh thinks he should stay at home while I think I should. Hotels are really expensive and we have no money. The Uni have hall rooms en-suite cheap but dh moaning because he won't have a kitchen.

What do I do?

LUCIA22 Sun 19-Jul-09 21:36:26

I really feel for you. My DD had terrible sickness bug when I was 35 weeks preg and NHS direct told me that she shouldnt have contact with anyone pregnant, that didnt help as she had already been sick over me several times and I was the only person around to look after her!!!
Does your DH have any healthy friends without children who would put him up for a few days. Most people who are healthy are not suffering too much and it would be much less risky for them than for you.
I cant believe that they are putting people on tamiflu without actually testing that they have swine flu first. Surely its cheaper to test than to dole the medicine out to everyone. I agree that they should definately be testing in your case. It all seems to be getting ridiculus and confusing for everyone. Sorry I cant suggest a solution for you,

Confuzzeled Sun 19-Jul-09 21:54:24

Thanks Lucia, I really just needed a good rant.

Thats crazy the NHS told you not to have contact with your daughter, it's madness, what were you meant to do?

I've called the NHS and am waiting on a call back because I want to speak to a doctor.

I suggested dh go quarentine himself at a healthy friends house but he's not willing to ask because he thinks they'll say no.

nothingventured Sun 19-Jul-09 22:12:28

Put your foot down and tell DH to go stay in the halls of residence. A week with no kitchen is really no big deal compared to the worst case scenario if you get SF at 35 weeks pregnant. You have to prioritise the new baby and protect it, even if it means DH lives on takeaway and toast for a week.

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