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So is it or isn't it!?

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mum2phoebs Sun 19-Jul-09 18:34:08

Yesterday DD (3) woke up, wasn't usual self, threw up, temp went sky high, coughing worse than normal, sneezing, runny nose. Gave her paracetamol, but temp wasn't coming down. Checked out swine flu website and symptoms matched, rang out of hours doc.....2 1/2 later they called back to say take DD to Urgent Care Centre at local hospital as they prefer to check children out.

Doc checked for all the usual infections and said we will treat for Swine Flu and gave her Tamiflu. Unfortunatley the syrup is being reserved for babies so we were given capsules and told to empty powder into food / drink. Last night got the first one down her no probs my mixing with yogurt. Today we have had NO luck, she won't have it with yogurt, jam, marmite anything!! So 3 tablets wasted!!!!

Rang out of hours doc, he said "Well if she does seem a bit better today then don't bother with the Tamiflu" She is a bit better and now thinking she must just have a 48hr bug, but still been advised to keep her in isolation for 5 days. Just know that she will be right as rain come Monday and I'm going to miss 5 days of work!! I imagine this is the case everywhere, parents having to take lots of time off when it isn't even swine flu. I wish they were still testing to see if it is actually swine flu instead of making an assumption. It's causing a mad panic accross the country when it may just be a 48hr bug.

Comments please....!

dinny Sun 19-Jul-09 18:36:20

I think they are assuming anyone presenting with cold-flu symptoms has swine flu, at the moment

TantieTowie Sun 19-Jul-09 18:39:50

Yes, I felt a bit silly today dragging the out-of-hours doc out for what turned out to be just a bit of a virus - the shortness of breath I was worried about was just a blocked nose, apparently. blush

mum2phoebs Sun 19-Jul-09 18:42:45

Yes, then prescribing Tamiflu, but giving capsules to toddlers rather than syrup and then telling you not to worry giving it to your child if they won't have it!!

mum2phoebs Sun 19-Jul-09 18:46:00

Oh now they are saying delay conceiving a baby as pregnant women more at risk....ooops lets hope we weren't sucessful Thursday night and does that mean we need to put off "trying" again tonight!! If we "put it off" anymore we will change our minds completely!!

Elibean Sun 19-Jul-09 18:54:18

I would think, probably, a sky high temp and all the other symptoms is far more likely to be swine flu than a 48 hour bug (is IS a bug, and the hours can vary a lot)....there have been lots of posts from people who have been lucky enough to start feeling better the second or third day, so that doesn't sound unusual.
I'd wish she were tested too, though, so frustrating isn't it?

devotion Sun 19-Jul-09 20:12:11

my friends dd was like this last week, she was better for a day or two and now really ill again and they have given her tamilful a whole 6 days later???

thought it had to be within 48 hours.

its worth the risk keeping her off, i would feel bad to know my dd spread it to other people.

plus it sounds liek flu and seasonl flu is not normally around this time of year.

mum2phoebs Sun 19-Jul-09 20:22:01

I will just point out that I have no intention of sending her off to the childminder or anything, I will take the week off with her. All I am annoyed about really is that they don't actually test so you know for definite and that the doc has now said if she won't take the Tamiflu then don't worry!!

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