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so dd2 had suspected swine flu, now she is ill again, how do we know.....

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hazeyjane Sun 19-Jul-09 13:23:57

whether that was swine flu, or not, and this is or isn't?!

If you see what I mean!

hazeyjane Sun 19-Jul-09 16:42:39


Dumbledoresgirl Sun 19-Jul-09 16:48:31

Well, what were her symptoms then and what are her symptoms now and ultimately, does it matter? Not being rude, we haven't met SF yet and I am not sure if it matters knowing you have it as long as you keep to yourself while feeling ill, and make a good recovery.

kid Sun 19-Jul-09 16:48:38

I guess the only way you will know is to phone the Drs for advice. DId she have the tamiflu last time when she was suspected of having it?

We have so far escaped it and hope to continue to avoid it so haven't witnessed symptoms first hand.

Hope your DD2 is okay.

hazeyjane Sun 19-Jul-09 18:07:46

She was very sick with a fever, cough, runny nose. Dr's said that she prob had swine flu, but was too late for Tamiflu (she is 2). We were all ill, and her sister is 3 and has asthma,but was also too late for tamiflu.

Now (2 weeks after)she has an horrendous cough (with wheezing - which she does sometimes get with viruses), runny nose, and slight fever.

I suppose I'm just concerned because, without confirmation I'm going to be worrying whether it is sf every time they are ill, and wondering whether they should have tamiflu or not.

Also we were stuck in for nearly 2 weeks (by the time we all had it), and I don't fancy doing that again!

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