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Symptom swapper - not literally - if you were swabbed and +ve what were your symptoms

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pigswithfludontfly Sun 19-Jul-09 00:41:40

I'm sure there is massive over-diagnosis of SF going on due to over-cautious doctors doing telephone consultations.

Still not sure whether ds had it. If you had a LAB CONFIRMED case (or your dc's did) tell me about:

- your symptoms
- how it started
- how long it all lasted

ds (diagnosed over the phone but by way of an example)
- 36 hours of very high temp, started with shivers
- no D&V
- No cough
- lethargic
- loss of appetite
- slightly runny nose
- complained of some aches.

Might help some of us who aren't convinced by phone diagnoses work out whether it was SF or an unscientific way!

PurpleOne Sun 19-Jul-09 04:18:11

me diagnosed over phone by gp, and automatic script of tamiflu...

3 days of high temp
the shits
sore throat
dry tickly cough
aching limbs all over
no appetite whatsoever
and just feeling totally drained right out.

still not 100%, been 5 days now, and just starting to get some catarrh...
my throat still hurts.

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