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Swine flu vaccine to be given out before testing for safety complete

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atlantis Sat 18-Jul-09 12:13:30

That just about says it all for this government, 'the benefits outweight the problems', err, not if those problems kill children it doesn't.

I did comment on a previous thread wondering how Gordon Brown actually managed to get the vaccine before anyone else and the sad truth is he has offered up our children as guinea pigs in a drug trial.

Still want your child vaccinated?

siouxsiesiouxandthebanshees Sun 19-Jul-09 01:15:32

I work in an enviroment where we do a LOT of Clinical Trials.
Lots of paperwork and lots of boundries, and the meetings you are expected to go to, (no matter how low you are on the totem pole) I think you would be suprised.

Maya88888 Sun 19-Jul-09 19:07:26

How shocking!

"The manufacturers of the new swine flu vaccine are to be given *legal indemnity* amid concerns over any side effects. Regulators are due to fast-track its approvals"

dikkertjedap Tue 21-Jul-09 11:42:04

Very worryingly, how are we supposed to make an informed decision? I wish we could choose the type of vaccin, because there is that one company (who has donated lots to developing countries once they have it available, is message to thank them on WHO website) I believe it is Sanofi something, they seem to follow the old fashioned approach which takes longer, so may be that is safer? But how do you get hold of it once it is available?

Tinker Tue 21-Jul-09 11:46:08

No, I wouldn't want my children to be given a non-tested vaccine. But, a vaccine is produced every year isn't it for each different strain? So, isn't the method the same?

MaDuggar Tue 21-Jul-09 11:46:58

I made the decision last week to not vaccinate any of us just yet, should we be offered it, even though I am obese, dd2 is asthmatic and DS is only 15 months. Even with these risk factors, i dont think i can let them be jagged with it

dikkertjedap Tue 21-Jul-09 11:49:24

No the method is not the same. The other (fast track) drug companies are not growing it in eggs (traditional method) but using some genetic method (not sure exactly how it works, but it is very new, very quick and not proven, according to what I read a little while ago when one announced they had made the vaccine). THis really worries me and I do want to be vaccinated but want to be able to understand the risks especially for my 3 yo dd

MaDuggar Tue 21-Jul-09 11:50:28

Isnt it made by the same company who mistakenly sent out a vaccine with live HIV in it?

Tinker Tue 21-Jul-09 11:51:01

Ah, didn't know that. All the news reports always show eggs when talking of vaccines

MaDuggar Tue 21-Jul-09 11:56:46

Im sure Id read that they are using eggs, but they arent yeilding as much as they need from it, hence a delay in getting it out. Its all so confusing

EldonAve Tue 21-Jul-09 12:02:30

I wasn't going to give it to mine anyway

LeonieSoSleepy Tue 21-Jul-09 17:24:24

Message withdrawn

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 21-Jul-09 19:58:56

Some is going to be produced with eggs (with probably an adjuvant added to make it stretch further and help it be more effective) and some of it will be this new cell based method.

sarah293 Tue 21-Jul-09 20:00:46

Message withdrawn

Divvy Tue 21-Jul-09 20:09:51

None of us will be taking it, and Thalidomide wasnt that long ago. sad

This could all go very wrong.

hippipotamiHasLost49lbs Tue 21-Jul-09 20:14:13

Why a vaccine? For everyone? For the flu? Or is it meant to be like the flu jab - at risk persons only?

atlantis Tue 21-Jul-09 20:24:23

I've never had much faith in 'herd' vaccinations, but when they injected all those girls in Africa with the anti cancer drug and the side effects were paralysis and death for some and then they rolled it out in this country to our teenage girls claiming it may harm a few but that would outweight the benefits of the few who would possibly go on to get cancer... ? Well. Window.. trust, bye bye.

Blair wouldn't even give his child the MMR for christ sake and now they expect us to give our children an untried vaccine for flu!

Sorry. Something smells bad here.

hippipotamiHasLost49lbs Tue 21-Jul-09 20:27:01

I still don't understand why we all need to be vaccinated against this.
I understand the at risk people, but there is no way I can see the benefit of vaccinating the rest of the population. Unless they (whomever 'they' may be) know something about a forthcoming virus mutation they have managed to not leak to the press)

atlantis Tue 21-Jul-09 20:39:01

Well the conspiracy theorists are saying this was a man made virus that was either released or escaped from a research facility in mexico (CIA USA related !) and you have to love the conspiracy theorists.

They said the same about AIDS, haven't heard anything about sars yet though wink

Trouble is who nowadays trusts the government as far as they can throw them?

thegingerwhinger Tue 21-Jul-09 21:47:40

We're vaccinators (?) here, but I'm very reluctant to have my children vaccinated against swine flu.

I don't understand why they're rushing to vaccinate. Yes, there are deaths, yes, people are suffering. But they also say that the vast majority of people who contract sf will have little more than a bad cold. Some won't even know they've had it.

If there were more people dying than surviving then I could understand it more.

I can't allow my children to be jagged with an untested vaccination. The thought terrifies me.

hippipotamiHasLost49lbs Tue 21-Jul-09 22:36:01

We are vaccinators here too - but I am completely and utterly unwilling to vaccinate my dc against what in all likelyhood will be a mild-ish illness with a vaccine which is untested and unproven.

Rachmumoftwo Tue 21-Jul-09 22:49:05

No way are my children having an untested vaccine. Besides, surely if a flu virus can change, the vaccine wil be useless by winter anyway?

Ripeberry Tue 21-Jul-09 23:24:55

I'll take my chances with nature (the flu), rather than take man-made (poison?)

Elibean Wed 22-Jul-09 08:26:19

Sorry to be slow, but just to get it straight: is the idea then to vaccinate everyone who wants to be vaccinated? Unlike seasonal flu, which is for 'at risk' groups only (or pay for it at Boots)?

Three out of four of us are in 'at risk' groups, not sure what I'll do sad

sarah293 Wed 22-Jul-09 08:50:25

Message withdrawn

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