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Tying not to panic - info please!

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nothingventured Sat 18-Jul-09 10:10:58

I'm the type of person that panics if they don't have a plan. I have a 20wk old DD and am concerned about her getting swine flu.

(I know its no worse than seasonal flu but is a lot more widespread so is statistically more likely)

So to stop me worrying, have any of you had a baby with swine flu? What is likely to happen if she got it?

Do babies have Tamiflu etc? Will a doctor see her or is it a stay at home situation? What are the waning signs that it is a severe case rather than just a mild case?

Any info would be great, I've read the NHS site and the site and neither give info on babies really. I think if I felt I knew more I would be less likely to panic.

Thanks in advance Xx

nothingventured Sat 18-Jul-09 10:12:26

Trying not to panic... sorry!

sweetfall Sat 18-Jul-09 10:13:53

calpol and nurofen

strip her down for the fever, maybe position a fan in the room

lots of fluids

that's it really, it is a cold for most (like 99%) people - a bad cold - but over in a couple of days for many to a week or so for some

so planning
- buy calpol and nurofen
- buy a fan
- don't panic, it's a bug

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 18-Jul-09 10:18:51

Also, because of her age, as recommended by the HPA do phone the gp or out of hours for further advice if she does get symptoms.

DeathbyDora Sat 18-Jul-09 10:21:17

Understand exactly how you feel, as much as we are all being told it's just a bug, it's just a cold it is really hard not to panic when the deaths are all over the front page of the newspapers every day.
Have 2 little ones and am pg with number 3 at the moment so it is hard not to let your mind run away with you.

Am just going to stock up on calpol/neurofen and hope for the best. Also, a being very careful with hand sanitisers etc when I'm out and about on public transport etc.

It is really worrying when you have little ones.

nothingventured Sat 18-Jul-09 17:53:27

Thank guys, I have been to Tesco and stocked up on calpol and nurofen for DD and paracetamol and ibruprofen for DH and myself. Also bought extra tinned food so if we get it we don't need to go out much. Bought some hand gel and some wet wipes for when we are out and about so I think I've done all I can now.

Typically, all that planning my come in useful after DD and I were sneezed all over by some bloke in Tesco who looked like a prime candidate for swine flu!!

poshwellies Sat 18-Jul-09 17:59:14

What does a prime candidate for swine flu look like?

MrsGum Sat 18-Jul-09 18:14:11

so if you or your child has had a heavy cold in the last couple wks, is it likely to have been swine flu?

nothingventured Sat 18-Jul-09 18:21:57

Poshwellies Like someone with 'flu!! ie. a combination of heavy heavy cold and half dead!

poshwellies Sat 18-Jul-09 18:25:43

Sounds about right grin,although I haven't ventured towards a mirror in the last week (won't be pretty).

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