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Swine flu...

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georgiemum Fri 17-Jul-09 12:03:45

Since it seems worse in children, does anyone know if there is something we can give the little ones (DS is 5) to help boost the immune system? I remember a friend giving her little one some liquid 'tonic' to boost his immune system.

Not so much for DS - more for DP who is a little 'concerned' (for 'concerned' please read 'panicking, paranoid and bathing in anti-bacterial spray').

RubberDuck Fri 17-Jul-09 12:38:11

I listen to quite a few sciency podcasts and the one thing that comes up regularly is that anything which says "it boosts the immune system" is generally talking bollocks and it's a meaningless statement that companies use as they're not allowed to make specific claims that haven't been proven.

I'd save your money and just make sure that he gets a decent diet and gets to run round lots

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