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am i ill? is it swine flu?

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violeteyes Mon 13-Jul-09 22:59:10

on fri my dd, 12mo, had few hours vomiting, fine all day some vomiting at night but fine again now. i felt really virally-type tired on sat, sore throat, slightly bunged up and with headache, but coped with paracetamol and put tiredness down to hard day/night with dd.
sat night i had terrible stomach cramps, some nausea but no actual vomiting-i very rarely do vomit anyway. that night dh descrbed me as very odd and scary-talking and crying out in distress, very restless, hot, seemingly very disturbed, 'delirious'.
(he did not try to help, and was offended by me screaming no no when he moved, but that is another issue!)
sun was dd birthday, my stomach was better, still loss of appetite, some d but no v. felt really woozy, dizzy, post-viral type of fatigue, achy joints etc.
my son and dh have vomited yesterday , ds seems pretty much fine, dd also. i feel as if i have had the world's quickest bout of flu-as if the crisis has passed but i feel absolutely awful.
still, achey, bad dreams and terriblr sweats when i got a sleep at lunchtime when dc slept. my joints all really ache, headache, sore throat. slightly bunged up.
but no temp, don't really feel i have a cold as such-just totally knocked out.

because he has actually vomited my dh is ill, but i actually think he seems fairly okay. i am feeling borderline unable to cope with 2 small dc on my own tomorrow. but if swine flu, can't ask anyone for help.
should i call gp in case dc at risk?
am i being a bit wet?

violeteyes Mon 13-Jul-09 23:06:55

what i mean regards dh is that he has spent most of today in bed (am)then has sat around with us some of pm, put dc to bed all as usual-much sorry for self groaning and i'm not well moans. i think he feels he should have day off sick proper-but tried to tell him i could only get by this am with meds and leaning on buggy up and down sea front to pass time with spinning head and 2 grumpy dc.(neither slept much sunday night so not coping at home, will keep trying to play, run about etc) my point is i managed because i had to, but it was sheer willpower alone at times.

still have mild d, such spinning head.

and dd seems to be gearing up for another bad night. i reaally don't know how i will cope. dh does need to work if poss tomorrow. he says he is ill, don't want to get into 'i'm more ill than you' arrrrgh

Alittlebitrestless Tue 14-Jul-09 00:34:55

Whether it is swine flu or not sounds like you have had a nasty case of something so no, you are not being a wet. If your DH is still ill in any way he shouldn't go in to work tomorrow just incase. It is not fair on other people who may be more vunerable to infection. If you are still worried about DC, I think you should ring for some advice. Good luck. Hope you are all better soon.

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