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noddyholder Mon 13-Jul-09 11:29:10

I have just had an email from ds school to say that 2 teachers have the virus and are being treated at home.Lots of kids off but teh school obviouslt doesn't know if they have the same or just other coughs and colds etc.ds wasn't in school last week as he had work experience so wasn't in contact with these members of staff.I am immunosuppressed and have a serious heart condition and am not sure what to do.Can't get through to any doctors phone permanently engaged.He has just 4 days to go this week and I don't know whether to send him in or not I don't want him to pass it to me iyswim if he gets it as its v serious in my condition.Really scared sad

LadyOfWaffle Mon 13-Jul-09 11:30:14

don't send him back

Lulumama Mon 13-Jul-09 11:30:59

i would keep him home. so sorry you are scared. keep trying the docs and see if you can get tamiflu?

seeker Mon 13-Jul-09 11:32:17

No brainer. Keep him off.

noddyholder Mon 13-Jul-09 11:32:17

Thats what I'm thinking Can't get through to tell them as prob other parents ringing

CountessDracula Mon 13-Jul-09 11:32:17

Noddy can you go to dr?
Mine has given me script to keep in case I get it as I am immunosuppressed too

hobbgoblin Mon 13-Jul-09 11:32:37

I'm concerned too, for very similar reasons. I think you may be same County as me (Herts? but could be imagining that)

In your position I would seriously consider removal from school but there again you then have to think whether realistically you can avoid it given all the other public places you have to go.

It's a tough one when you are one of the group of people who might suffer badly if you were to get the flu.

CountessDracula Mon 13-Jul-09 11:32:37

Noddy can you go to dr?
Mine has given me script to keep in case I get it as I am immunosuppressed too

noddyholder Mon 13-Jul-09 11:35:22

am trying to get through to gp!

CountessDracula Mon 13-Jul-09 12:08:04

i mean can you go in??

squeakywheel Mon 13-Jul-09 13:23:47

Keep him off, definitely (and now it's in your area find out about getting a 'just in case' prescription for Tamiflu, as others have suggested).

You may not be able to avoid it forever but you might be able to postpone getting it until after there's a vaccine, perhaps, and four days of school definitely aren't worth the risk.

noddyholder Mon 13-Jul-09 14:36:31

Have had conflicting advice now.A nurse at the hospital said keep him off.Gp said no point as it will be around all summer and can't really avoid it.He says if ds shows any symptoms they will give him tamiflu amd me prophylactic.Gp not happy as he thinks said teachers were only suspected and not confirmed but the school said confirmed in the email I recieved apparently if they were confirmed he would have been informed.I think I just have to pray until there is a vaccine.

noddyholder Mon 13-Jul-09 17:25:31

I am wondering now if I already had it 2-3 weeks ago!I had a high temp and the runs(sorry)and was aching all over so much that I rang an osteopath.i am plagued with uti's and gp just gave me the usual antibiotics and then my sample came back negative.I couldn't stop sleeping and am still exhausted although i would think considering all teh 'news' and the fact i am in a high risk group it should have been a lot worse.

TheFool Mon 13-Jul-09 17:29:10

yup, keep him off

noddyholder Mon 13-Jul-09 17:50:34

Unfortunately ds was there when i spoke to GP and is hellbent on going in as he wants to do all the last week stuff hmm.Gp has said if he gets as much as a sniffle it will be tamiflu for both of us Should i be reassured by that?ds is 15 btw and gets really worried about me and my health and i don't want to scare him

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