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DD2 has suspected swine flu and is on tamiflu..they think DS has had it..what do I do about school?

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Nemoandthefishes Sun 12-Jul-09 09:50:17

I had DS off school last week with flu symptoms treated him at home and sent him back when well. Then dd2 started with symptoms on fri but was much worse as temp wouldnt come down with meds etc so she was prescribed tamiflu over the phone by gp yesterday.
I am keeping dd1 and dd2 home from nursery this week as dd1 is asthmatic and obviously dd2 is still unwell. So do I phone the school and keep ds home too or do I let them decide or just send him in?

Nemoandthefishes Sun 12-Jul-09 11:02:49


moffat Sun 12-Jul-09 11:06:00

I would ring the school and ask for advice.

moonmother Sun 12-Jul-09 11:16:55

My Ds(5) was diagnosed with swine flu on Friday, over the phone by Gp.

Dd (9) is at the same school, but both Gp and School has said unless she is showing symptoms, it's fine for her to go in, the school also sent pupils home with a letter saying the same thing.

Nemoandthefishes Sun 12-Jul-09 11:28:24

thanks moonmother
will phone school in the morning and see what they say

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