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How do they diagnose swine flu

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kazbeth Tue 07-Jul-09 07:41:45

or are they just not bothering anymore?

I'm afraid I've not really been following the news much might be a bit behind on all this.

My daughter has come down with flu. I dutifully rang the nhs direct number as she's only 3 - they have said it's probably flu but not swine flu as noone else has it in our area.

Now my question is, how can they know that if everyone who rings gets told the same? How do they know who I've been in contact with? Since we're out and about all the time and with other children who quite happily sneeze and cough over each other - most of whom I don't even know. The guy on the phone kept saying toddler groups would let me know if there confirmed cases there but they don't even know my surname so it would be quite a feat to track me down.

I realise it doesn't really make any difference but was just pondering why they bother telling you these things .. just say it doesn't matter and we don't really care if you have it or not.

(What I really wanted to know was what medicine I could safely give her as it seems everything we already have is now banned for the under 25s (ok, slight exaggeration there).

mumto3boys Tue 07-Jul-09 18:53:43

No idea. My DTs had all the sypmtoms over the weekend. Couldn't get thru to nhs direct and was quite worried as they had v high temps and are asthmatic. Out of hours gp sent me to walk in clinic - even tho they had flu sypmtoms, as apparently everyone else has flu sypmtoms so thats all u can do.

They both have chest infections, but this was not just chest infections. They were proper poorly, not eating or drinking, sleeping for hours in the day etc.

Was asked if we had travelled abroad, which seems silly as its in this country now!

If evryone is getting fobbed off like this, then sounds like they are not really bothering about it!

Also know its not normal flu as they have the jab

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