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Swineflu and working in a school....v. quick advice!

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Nixz Mon 06-Jul-09 12:32:37

DD (8.5) has been very ill over weekend, never seen her so ill to be honest. Anyway, the drs at hospital said that she had all the symptoms of swineflu, so treat it as that. They dont swab anymore and because she has had the symptoms for more than 48 hours, they cant give her anti-virals as they wouldnt work now and her body will begin to fight off itself. Im happy with that, I know swine flu is just another strain of flu and know what to look out for if things get worse.
My dad is in be with the flu also!
Anyway, Im a TA in a school and the head has said it is ok for me to go into work. Im not too bothered as it will be a break away from my DD (im exhausted!) but what would other members of staff/parents think about it? Is it ok for me to be in work when they have told me to keep dd isolated? The rules and the news are changing daily!

missmama Mon 06-Jul-09 12:58:38

I was told today that if you are not actually ill or actively taking Tamiflu then just to go about your normal business

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